Facts About. Indian heliotrope is native to Asia and invasive in parts of the United States. Its distribution just barely includes New England, collections having. Nov 19, H. indicum is common in tropical countries, being a major weed of sugarcane in Indonesia and the Philippines (Holm et al., ) and of maize. Descriptions and articles about the Indian Heliotrope, scientifically known as Heliotropium indicum in the Encyclopedia of Life. Includes Overview; Comprehen .

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Weeds of rice in Indonesia [edited by Soerjani, M. Medicinal and poisonous plants 1. Synonyms Tiaridium indicum L.

Les plantes utiles du Gabon. Flowers bisexual, regular, 5-merous; calyx with almost free, unequal lobes, bristly, white hairy; corolla salver-shaped, tube 3—4.

Fatal accidental poisoning in humans by drinking herbal tea, consuming grain contaminated with Heliotropium seeds, and as a result of medicinal use has been recorded. Control uimico preemergente de malezas en plantilla cana de azucar en Portiguesa.


Take a photo and post a sighting. Distribution Maps Top of page You can pan and zoom heliotropihm map.

Plants Profile for Heliotropium indicum (Indian heliotrope)

Planta Medica 49 2: National Academy kndicum Sciences, Science Letters, 6 5: Plantas daninhas de Brasil, terrestres, aquaticas, parasitas, toxicas e medicinais.

From Heliotropium indicum the pyrrolizidine alkaloids indicine, indicine-N-oxide, acetyl-indicine, indicinine, heleurine, heliotrine, supinine, supinidine and lindelofidine have been isolated, all of them with hepatoxic activity. The Ngoni of Tanzania drink an extract made from the roots to treat yaws.

Journal of Ecotoxicology and Environmental Monitoring 7 3: The active principle was found to be indicine-N-oxide which has been synthesized in an efficient way. Its heliotrpium relative is H. Citation in news articles. Flora Zambesiaca Management Committee.

Many other species of Heliotropium contain pyrrolizidine alkaloids and are often used as substitutes for Heliotropium indicum. Pest Management Council of the Philippines. Also covers those considered historical not seen in 20 years.

In Madagascar a plant infusion is used imdicum a strong diuretic. Los Banos, Laguna, Philippines: No significant age-dependent differences in N-oxides were found.


Indian Heliotropijm of Forestry, 19 1: Whole plant x – k – jpg uvalde. Heliotropium indicum may flower throughout the year. Illustrated Flora of Entre Rfos. Some aspects of the incidence of weeds in Cuba.

Heliotropium indicum

Heliotropium indicum Heliotropium indicum x – 95k – jpg www. In Gabon the powdered leaves are used to treat infected gums.

Heliotropium indicum plant habit CopyLeft EcoPort. The plants are considered toxic to livestock with several records of fatal poisoning. A poultice made from the leaves is applied to rheumatic limbs, to wounds and insect bites. Accumulation of alkaloids and their necines in Heliotropium curassavicum, Heliotropium spathulatum and Heliotropium indicum. Heliotropium indicum has been used widely for centuries on warts and to treat inflammations and tumours.

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