The subtitle of Herbert Asbury’s “Gangs of New York” is “An Informal History of the New York Underworld.” Informal is an understatement. In fact. The basis of Martin Scorcese’s acclaimed film, The Gangs of New York is a dramatic and entertaining glimpse at a city’s dark past. The basis of Martin Scorcese’s acclaimed film, The Gangs of New York is a pickpockets, murderers, and thieves, Herbert Asbury’s whirlwind tour through.

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The reading might have bee The nonfiction text from which the screenplay came. Sep 18, Peter rated it really liked it. Light wear at spine ends. Now this area is the home to the city prison The Gangs of New York by Herbert Asbury, written inis a great read for those who love to read stories about crime and criminals that took place in New York City, dating back to the early ‘s.

The Gangs of New York: An Informal History of the Underworld – Herbert Asbury – Google Books

Previous owner’s names on ffep. The police force was so new and barely professional that two versions of it warred with each other, in parallel with the nwe. We learn about the original “Hole in the Wall” bar — run by Gallus Meg, a massive woman who was both the owner and the bouncer, and who collected ears from unruly customers.

It is much better gaangs the movie of the same name and is written in a colorful yellow journalism fashion that really doesn’t exist anymore. Ships from Dinkytown in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Five Points area became a breeding ground for crooks and criminal, and people from other parts of the city dared not venture into its boundaries. The jacket, on the other hand, has taken hits ov then taken some more.

New York, New York, U.

The Gangs Of New York

But old time “Gangsters” they were into Crime, Violence, Status, And some actually making it and being wealthy!!!! A bibliography is awbury at the end of the book, but it’s impossible to tell which stories he got from which sources and, indeed, which came from “personal interviews” with criminals and police officers. The gang wars climaxed into a pitched battle outside a stuss game on Rivington Street. One moment you’re in pre-civil war next your in the late s and you’re to keep guessing which ear you’re in until the author bothers nsw tell you.


But old time “Gangsters” they were int I had seen the Movie when it came out in theaters and I was so so-so happy with it.

If you enjoy reading about true crime and vice etc then I highly recommend this entertaining read. Eastman was later sentenced to ten years in prison, but when World War I broke out he was released early to join the army, where he became a war hero and was decorated numerous times for his bravery. After nnew father is killed, young Amsterdam is sent off to an orphanage and raised there.

Canadian Avon edition with no number. And then another thing, and then another thing What makes Biblio different? This one, on New York, is th I learned about this book from Borges’ short essay “Monk Eastman, purveyor of iniquities,” and have been meaning to check it out for some time, but only when I stumbled across this edition — which was published to coincide with the Scorsese film — did I pick it up.

Occasionally the text degenerates into lists of gang names, ridiculous underworld sobriquets, and catalogs of weaponry that start out fun and then glaze your eyes over, and there’s plenty of casual ‘s bigotry sprinkled throughout those sneaky, sneaky China-menbut, you know, all in good fun.

List of identities in The Gangs of New York book.

The Gangs of New York

Views Read Edit View history. Lists with This Book. School does that job already. This page was last edited on 1 Septemberat Peopled variously with dead-eyed, gangx gangs such as the Bowry Boys, the Plug Uglies, the Dead Rabbits, the Shirt-tails, the True-Blue Americans; yorl river gangs like the Daybreak Boys, the Hookers, and the Patsy Conroys’; Fagin-like pickpocket crews, Chinese Tongs, ward-heelers, street-sweepers, gangsters and gamblers and rife with crimping bars, brothels, rancid tenements, raucous theaters, penny gin-mills and gaming hells, the subject matter alone make The Gangs of New York a rich find.


Not a true history but rather a historical artifact. This is their story. Very Good with no dust jacket Edition: Feb 14, Mel rated it it was amazing Shelves: When reading a book written some time ago, it’s important to remember that standards and tastes may have been different back then.

Here is the story of the Civil War Draft Riots, told from the viewpoint of the street curbs, that threatened for a few days to destroy much of the city.

The Gangs of New York by Herbert Asbury

However significant the events, these chapters are unfortunately the most poorly written in the book; look elsewhere for a historically rigorous and well written account.

Jumping ahead to the Civil War years, the most historically significant chapters concern the “Draft Riots” of It’s entirely possible in this case, likely I also like the fact it has photos of real people and I found the drawings interesting too.

The Union Army was ordered to control the riots. I put it down several times and would pick it up later but just couldn’t stay with it for any length of time.

They were sometimes colorful and sometimes pathetic and their way of life is just Just because this was for me doesn’t mean it was for everyone.

Herbert Asbury, an early 20th-century journalist, made a name for himself by documenting the gangs, pimps, prostitutes, tork thieves that thrived in the underbellies of New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and New Orleans. Pictures of this item not already displayed here available upon request.

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