Herman Noordung was the pseudonym of Herman Potocnik, a relatively obscure officer in the Austrian Imperial Army who became an engineer and. Herman Potočnik Noordung Visitor Centre (water reservoir). The story of the water reservoir represents an interesting and important episode in the history of. No-one is quite sure why Herman Potočnik took the nickname Hermann Noordung, although some suggest he derived it from the German.

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March Learn how and when to remove this template message. The book offers numerous solutions that enable humans to live in outer space. Hefman cultural route through the Austro-Hungarian Pula represents the historical, architectural and cultural route through the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, a multi-national empire and one of the world’s greatest powers from the late 19th and beginning of the 20th century, that declared Pula as the Monarchy’s main port.

Herman Potočnik Biography – Childhood, Life Achievements & Timeline

Views Read View source View history. See on Google Maps. During the war years, he worked as an expert for bridge and railway constructions at various fronts, and after the war inhe retired due to incurable tuberculosis of the lungs. Characterized as determined, confident, serious and aspiring, he served in a railway corps as a ptoonik lieutenant during the First World War.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Running pages and featuring of his own drawings, it discusses gravity and ways of overcoming it, looks at space technology used in everyday life, contemplates the efficiency of heerman rocket while warning against its possible misuse for military purposes, and envisions a geostationary satellite that would orbit the globe indefinitely with enviable precision. The influence of Potocnik on von Braun may have been only indirect.

Its construction dates back to the third quarter of the 19 th century, a time of intense building activity in the city that demanded the construction of adequate utility services and, above all, the tackling of the issue of public water supply and sewerage.


Rode with GoOpti from Venice to Maribor The location was only rediscovered in Due hermam lack of physical memorabilia about his life, the interior of an observatory capsule presented videos with statements of renowned historians, cosmonauts and astronauts for instance: The book was way ahead of its time and presented numerous solutions that would enable humans to live in hemran space.

His father ehrman as a naval officer and doctor for the Austrian army but passed away when Herman was just two years old.

Herman Potočnik – Noordung

As There Actually Should He is chiefly remembered for his work addressing the long-term human habitation of space. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. Like a flower, the station would face the Sun. Lists Producers Venues Festivals. A Space Odyssey Moreover, von Braun’s concept included a circumferential trough of solar mirrors for power.

Tickets Visit included in the museum ticket price. The reservoir served its original function until the s. Afterward he went to the military secondary schools in Fischau and Hranice in Noordnug.

PPMI: Centre “Herman Potočnik Noordung”

In he was pensioned off from the Austrian military with the rank of captain because of tuberculosis that he contracted during the war. December 22 K is the electric cable to an external observatory; S is the airlock ; Kondensatorrohre are condenser pipes; Verdamfungsrohr is a boiler noofdung Treppenschacht is a stairwell; Augzugschacht is an elevator shaft.

Thereafter, he conducted extensive research on the rocket science and space technology, later sharing his knowledge and futuristic vision in his sole literary work which he wrote on his death bed. Herman completed the secondary modern school in Maribor and continued his education at the military technical academy in Modling.

He spent most of his childhood years in Maribor and supposedly in Vitanje, the birthplace of his mother.


Noordung, Herman (1892–1929)

The publisher, Richard Carl Schmidt, printed the year as a publishing date, probably from a purely business motive to keep the book looking new throughout the coming year and this date is often mistakenly given as the actual date of publication. This, however, came hegman from Potocnik but rather from a suggestion of Fred Whipple who had not read Potocnik’s bookand, thus, represented an independent invention.

In its Russian edition, the book may also have influenced Sergey Korolev ‘s circle. Then, he attended the University of Technology in Vienna and completed studies in machinery and electric technology, graduating as an engineer in August 27 An obituary notice about his death was printed in one Maribor daily newspaper, mentioning his ranks engineers and captainhis illness, but nothing about his work regarding space.

The three units were the habitat, the machine room, and the observatory, each connected by an umbilical, The new water supply service was put into operation indrawing water from a spring located at Karolina used since antiquity.

Personal tools Log in. More information is available at http: In he completed his engineering and electro-technical studies in Vienna with the title Specialist in Rocket Technology. A partial translation to English, containing most of the essential chapters, was made as early as for the American magazine Science Wonder Stories and was issued in three parts July, August and September For more power, a trough of mirrors would run around the station’s periphery concentrating solar energy on another system of pipes.

When Herman was two years old, his father died.

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