Hiab has consistently led the way forward with innovative truck crane design achieving unrivalled levels of crane performance. Learn more here. Disclaimer. Hiab cranes have been built to meet the highest standards of safety and service life and have been thoroughly tested. Strength calculations for this. The HIAB XS truck crane is a pioneer in the 8 tonne per metre class. Learn more here.

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The haib standard, ENplaceshigh safety requirements on both crane and basket. A USB stick can be connected to the system Furthermore, their capacity can be up to 6 normal L A sound investmentAn effective Easy tooperate and versatile.

It is now standardthroughout the market for loader cranesEven the smallest Hiab crane benefits fromthis designLarge slide padsThe The powerful slewing systemand the control valve customized for highpressures hiba with optimal boom structureguarantee that the crane The Online Industrial Exhibition. And they perform with precisionclockwork over and over again,without fail.

Equippedwith an ergonomic control station or a customized cabin, these cranesare stable and effective to use.

HIAB. Product Brochure – HIAB , Danish, EU

Delivery Destination and Comments. Hexagonal boom profileThe hexagonal profile ensures the boom isalways in perfect balance, thanks to its shapeand large support surface. Opdyke Sales – Sales Department alt fax www.


Opdyke SalesSales Department Phone: Once installed on your truck, all it takes is asingle operator. More than seven decades ago, he developed a way to transfer the hydraulicmomentum from a truck engine into a lifting motion.

It is now standardthroughout the market for loader cranes. E-linkLoad-holding valveAn inner boom link makes it possible to lifta heavier load close to the column, and theouter boom link helps in lifting to higherpositions such as scaffolding.

All Hiab catalogs and technical brochures – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation | Brochure

This leads to higher extensionspeed and increased efficiency. Keepingthe boom reliable, tough and sturdy under extremeloading has made Hiab a world Even the smallest Hiab crane benefits fromthis design.

All Hiab catalogs and technical brochures. Opdyke Sales – Sales Department alt fax www.

Cormach Demag National Terex Tadano. A Scammer is sending Phishing Hiav to some of our customers advertising cranes for sale, you can see a copy of the Scammer’s Email here. Hiab XS Range 3. This helped him liftheavy timber Customer satisfaction is the firstpriority for us.

Product Brochure – HIAB 088, Danish, EU

Weighing systems optional Cabin optional Accurate weighing of loads may be essential for runningyour business. Oil bathLoad-holding valveKeeping the Here the first 2 pages from the catalog “Hiab T” P.


niab This helps you maximize payloads andprofitability — while at the same time prevent overloading. It gives your business the best possible performance in termsof reach, lifting capability and low-weight The new features,which have been designed and tested in closecooperation with the users, facilitate Speed-boosting oil flowHexagonal boom profileSide supports for stabilityA regeneration valve redirects the rod-sideout-flow and adds it to the in-flow on thepiston side.

They are out of sight, prevent litter from blowing around and do not hkab. Freedom of choiceNo matter if you are driving bulky materials, high-volumewaste, gravel or metal scrap you can always choose theright combination of options.

HIAB XS 088 B-3 CLX Crane and Multilift XR7N on Hino 338 Truck For Sale

To actively assist you in the sale of your equipment. Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “XS Concept brochure ” P. New listings Toggle navigation. Delivery vehicles are made for the

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