I am not saying that you should not purchase a Hickok like a or at the are compact bench top models that are basically laid out as this A above. Use this procedure to test and calibrate the Hickok Model /A mutual conductance (AKA transconductance) tube testers. Except as noted, all of the. I have a Hickok Model A tube tester that I’m learning to use. Hopefully someone here can answer a question for me. On the micromho meter.

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I say go for it! These are the famous FAA testers.

Handy size and any tube data not on the roll chart you can find elsewhere. And I gave up checking the calibration years ago,as it has never varied from the very first time I checked it. Browse Related Browse Related.

If you understand how the tester works, you can come up with your own settings and just read the gm numbers and make your own assessment based on the tube’s data sheet and your tolerance for And you know what? A super value compared with TV and TV Models and A. One can only imagine if our enemies got a hold of a TV! The best feature of the ‘s is the dual triode test buttons-you can test both halves of a twin triode without re-setting the selectors.


Appears to be in great shape and working.

Calibration and Testing of the Hickok Model 600/600A Tube Testers

This manual contains only test data. I had a A, my first tester. Sam CogleyDec 9, I’m sure these tester are build to last, it should be fun digging into it and doing a restore. These models are compact bench top models that are basically laid out as this A above. A recommended list of Hickok hhickok testers.

Hickok A Test and Calibration

I better check that when I get it! This may work in oth The B and C units have a “VR” function to give a quantitative test on voltage regulator tubes like 0A2. The full military manual comes with instructions regarding the destruction of the tester using explosives, axes, or throwing it overboard, to avoid the tester coming into the possession of an enemy power.

The seller says it works It lights up, I hope it’s a good thing. Check operation of all switches and tube sockets, clean and tighten as required. Skip to main content.

I bought a large lot of 1 volt radio tubes from a radio amateur’s estate sale and am testing them and passing them along to you very cheap! No 9 or 12 pin compactron.


Hickok 600A tube tester

If you don’t need to test modern types like Novars and Compactrons,this is a great machine. These units have the same socket complement as A, except for A which has 9 and 12 pin compactron, and is more expensive for that reason.

And as mentioned above, you can make an adapter if need be.

It is used and in good shape with light wear. Hi all, Ihckok it worth buying one of these, I’ve seen one and know how good they are, I’m getting more into tubes and it would be great to get one and fix it up, if possible. No button cover knobs are included.

Has sockets up to 9-pin mini. My A and often run 8 hours or more a day,and have done so for decades. Up for sale here is this selector switch from a Hickok A tube tester. The TV is a nice compact military version Hickok.

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