HIDEAWAY was the first novel of mine that elicited a pleasing quantity of hate mail. The volume of hate was never so great that the postal. Dean R. Koontz is the author of many best-selling horror novels, and HIDEAWAY stands as one of his most affecting works. The characters may not be much. Summary: Hideaway is a disappointing and disjointed novel unworthy of Koontz. It’s one of this patchy author’s poorer efforts. The plot is.

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He is that evil. View all 11 comments.

Hideaway | Dean Koontz

Rose Koont Kenneth Welsh He takes other victims to his “Hideaway” Funhouse koonyz. May 13, TQM Doctor rated it liked it. Lindsay is barely hanging on to life but Hatch is clinicall It took me til the near end of the book for me to realize that I had seen this movie and with that I will say that the book is much better than the movie.

That’s the impression that I was left with after reading this book.

Add to this a complete lack of pace and even in the hit and miss world of Dean Koontz this is a poor effort. View all 3 comments. Vital to the success of any supernatural thriller is a tight plot you can believe. Books by Dean Koontz.

Works by Dean Koontz. Learn more More Like This. Dean, the author of many 1 New York Times bestsellers, lives in Southern California with his wife, Gerda, their golden retriever, Elsa, and the enduring spirit of their goldens, Trixie and Anna. In Koontz tales I don’t fear for any of my characters. I read a lot of Dean Koontz’s books when I was in high school. Jonas Nyebem resuscitates him with the “Vassago” spirit killing others. No trivia or quizzes yet. There are no loose ends. Nyebem other spirit was Jeremy, he stop bringing people from the dead, creating psychotic killers?

Hatch is an antiques store owner and his wife is an artist who are driving in icy, treacherous conditions. The antagonist, Vassago, is actually Evil personified, and like most evil with a small e and like all Evil with a capital E, he is motivated more powerfully by the desire to destroy innocence and pollute purity than he is by anything else.


Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. I enjoy the style and his ability to step out beyond the lines of what you might expect. I absolutely enjoyed the hideawya but the ending was just a bit far fetched in my mind so I didn’t love it. Then he takes Regina to his collection.

I am very excited to be having my ihdeaway filmed by an American studio owned by such an eminent Japanese entertainment entity as yours. In retrospect, it seems meaningful that the first hate mail I received should be in regard to HIDEAWAY, for that novel is in part about the power of hate and about the power of love to defeat it. He places nightmares on Hatch to hurt others. It took me til the near end of the book for me to realize that I had seen this movie and with that I will say that the book klontz much better than the movie.

They start life anew, adopt and a wonderfully characterized little girl named Regina, and it all turns out with a happy ending.

HIDEAWAY From the Author

This page was last edited on 28 Juneat Hideaway Group Read – September To ask other readers questions about Hideawayhideawayy sign up. Koontz introduces at least one character that the reader simply falls for, and this is no exception with the funky, spirited young Regina completing a circle that has been open too long with the book’s main characters, a couple that had been merely existing for many years.

But there’s an undeniable skill there, one that’s making Dean Koontz rich and his readers very happy little wappies.

Koontz excessively draws o Hideaway continues the ongoing theme of Koontz’s fiction: They have no faults whatsoever.

Not every hiddaway ends well in his books. Hieaway contributed to the cause. Goofs The knife on which Vassago impales himself bends, showing it’s made of rubber. I really wanted to spend more time in Jeremy’s head, it was just so scary and fascinating when he spoke so politely with his victims. I’d imagine I’d still recommend this book first if someone asked me for a Dean Koontz recommendation.


During the closing moments of this confrontation, Hatch inexplicably begins speaking in another voice and calls himself ” Uriel ” whom Hatch later learns is an archangel mentioned joontz the Biblethus implying that Vassago’s beliefs about his demonic heritage and short-lived journey to the afterlife may not have been entirely delusional after all. Now Hatch Harrison and his wife approach each day with a new appreciation for life.

HIDEAWAY by Dean Koontz | Kirkus Reviews

Characters have no depth, which means I cannot share an empathy with their plights while settings have no originality. There was a movie made hideawau this book which I have never seen and do not plan to after reading Dean Koontz’s thoughts about it. Regina was fun to be around. Koontz suggests that Hatch is somehow inextricably linked to a half-demon murderer known as Vassago.

That’s another reason Okontz don’t enjoy the books Harry as Roger R. But no matter what, his protagonists are not just good, they’re humble; his villains are not just bad, they’re psychotic, and should be shot down like dogs; and his chase scenes are the best ride this side of Star Tours.

The volume of hate was never so great that the postal service had to deliver it in eighteen-wheelers—a mere fifty letters—but it satisfied. I just really want to add to my previous review; This time around I really enjoyed this book and what made it different for me was that I kooontz more attention to the ending and there koonyz several things I liked about it.

Pick it up in a charity shop, read the first page and the last. Use the HTML below.

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