Hilti Expansion Anchors – HSL-I – Ultimate performance internally threaded heavy -duty expansion anchor. stainless steel version (HSL-G-R) is available if required, subject to lead time. For technical data, please contact your local Hilti. Field Engineer. Hilti anchor. Hilti Expansion Anchors – HSL-3 – Ultimate-performance heavy-duty expansion anchor (CS + hex head).

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Install anchor threaded end towards the hole. Fixe wedge anchor – SuperTopo’s climbing discussion forum is the world’s most popular community discussion forum for people who actively climb outdoors. Rails, rack systems, ladders, frames, formwork, fastening Sleeve anchor, sup-r-sleeve, thunderbolt, bolt sleeve anchor, lok bolt, lock bolt, dynabolt, sleeve all, sleeve anchors, concrete anchor, masonry anchor Description: The sleeve anchor is inserted into a hole drilled in the base material either concrete, brick or block.

A comprehensive range of expansion anchors for concrete. Die cast zinc alloy Hilti Firestop Plug-in for Autodesk provides the most current listed systems along with relevant submittal documents, so the firestop inspection process is easier than ever before Improve Planning Product specs are available for the entire project, which means less rework and more accurate planning for maximum efficiency Hilti Rail Catalogue.

Improved formula and innovative DEWALT is the leader in contractor power tools including cordless drills, woodworking tools and professional power tools. Carbon and stainless steel fasteners for use with chemical adhesives in concrete and masonry and other base materials Suitable for use in masonry materials, for post-installed rebars, in cracked and uncracked concrete with anchor rods in accordance with ETA report Extensive range of accessories available e. Our products are of the highest quality “your satisfaction is guaranteed”.

  DS 010-97 PDF

For all the type of the cast-in-place anchors, the load-transfer mechanisms is the mechanical interlock, i. The images are representative and may differ from the actual product described.

M6x45 shear bolt

Once you have it installed, use the drywall anchor holes to hang shelves and pictures securely in place. A or A 36 ASTM A double-nut anchor bolt connection, which leaves exposed anchor bolt lengths below leveling nuts used in these connections.

F covers anchor bolts designed to anchor structural supports to concrete foundations. Extensive testing has been done to determine the design load capacity of the SSTB when installed in many common applications.

Connect structural and non-structural elements with anchor bolts. From in store to online, Ben Burgess can help you source the parts you need. Our Hilti PROFIS anchor design software – the first 3D design software to calculate mechanical and chemical anchor applications We offer a wide range of anchor fastenings in metal, plastic, cast-in and chemical mortars for light, medium and heavy-duty applications.

One of the core values at Simpson Strong-Tie is to help you succeed by providing innovative products, full-service engineering and field support, product testing and training, and on-time product delivery. Hilti products and accessories, available for orders, no account needed! Sleeve-All expanding anchors are pre-assembled, expanding sleeve anchors for use in all types of solid base materials.

Inspect to determine which shear bolt has broken. Uses the mechanical advantage of screw threads to obtain high expansion pressure. Metal anchor systems for fastenings in concrete, masonry and drywall. The nut is turned, which pulls the stud up through the expander sleeve, expanding it up against the inside wall of the base material.

M6x45 shear bolt

Sleeves have been tested cut flush to the wall for metal pipes only and floor for metal and plastic pipes. Looking for wedge anchor bolt factory direct sale?


Insert a sleeve anchor into a hole drilled in concrete, brick or block to anchor the substrate.

Raising the industry standard again. TREMstop Acrylic Spray, a high performance, elastomeric, antifungal sealant,is capable of plus or minus 25 percent movement in a fire-rated joint.

The centering ring holds the anchor hillti in place and stops mortar back flow out of the composite sleeve. Pre-formed firestop solutions for pipe penetrations through fire-rated floors. Assures proper placement of anchor bolts on elevated slabs.

M6x45 reduced head torx 5 pack KTM type: Hilti Kwik Bolt TZ are common. Shear Pin for John Deere. Provides an hiti method of sleeving through concrete pour allowing cable or conduit to easily run from one floor yilti the next.

We suggested using our Hilti M22 mesh sleeves for the job. DEWALT is the leader in contractor power tools including cordless drills, woodworking tools and professional power tools. Hilti Kwik bolt vs. This is what the contractor came up with. We are Irelands leading supplier of components to the agricultural and allied trades.

Mechanical anchor – Type HSL

Single expansion anchors come in six sizes, that refers to the inside diameter of the anchor, i. Anchor Bolt Hole size If you haven’t installed yet, make sure you check the manufacturers recommendations.

For example, a 1 inch thickness of intumescent bsl may be sufficient for a 1 or 2 hour rated penetration but a 3 or 4 hour application might require a 2 …Hex Nut Sleeve Anchors feature hiltl expandable sleeve over a threaded bolt, with a nut and washer.

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