Historia calamitatum = Consolation to a friend. by Peter Abaelard; Alexander Andrée. Print book. Latin. Toronto: Publ. for the Centre for Medieval Studies. Unde post nonnullam sermonis ad presentem habiti consolationem, de ipsis calamitatum mearum experimentis consolatoriam ad absentem scribere decrevi, . For we do not easily expect evil of those whom we love.

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If the monks knew beforehand that I was going anywhere on a journey, they bribed bandits to waylay me on the road and kill me. She swore that her uncle would never be appeased by such satisfaction as this, as, indeed, afterwards proved only too true.

He was a tree which seemed noble to those who gazed upon its leaves from afar, but to those who came nearer and examined it more closely was revealed its barrenness.

Post paucos itaque gistoria, Parisius reversus, scolas mihi iamdudum destinatas atque oblatas unde primo fueram expulsus, annis aliquibus quiete possedi; atque ibi in ipso statim scolarum initio glosas illas Hiezechielis quas Lauduni inceperam consummare studui. It was not, however, with the thought of dedicating my oratory to one Person that I first called it the Paraclete, but for the reason I have already told, that in this spot I found consolation.

Methinks the same reason which led the saint to abandon his wicked sons might encourage me to follow the example of so great a father, lest, in thus exposing myself to certain peril, I might be deemed a rash tempter of God rather than a lover of Him, nay, lest it mfarum even be judged that I had thereby taken my own life.

My pretext for this was that the care of my own household was a serious handicap to my studies, and likewise burdened me with an expense far greater than I could afford. Who is there who does not know that the sacraments of God’s blessings pertaining to the Church are particularly ascribed to the operation of divine grace, by which is meant the Holy Spirit? Cui cum alius successisset, conveni eum cum episcopo Meldensi, ut mihi hoc quod a predecessore eius petieram indulgeret.

The monks pressed me to supply them with their daily necessities, but they held no property in common which I might administer calamitxtum their behalf, and each one, with such resources as he possessed, supported himself and his concubines, as well as his sons and daughters. His further suggestion was that my calmaitatum, who was there present, should take me back with him to our abbey, in other words to the monastery of St.

Certum quippe habebam quod si eos ad regularem vitam quam professi fuerant compellere temptarem, me vivere non posse; et si hoc in quantum possem non agerem, me dampnandum esse.

Abelard, Peter – Historia Calamitatum Mearum, ch. 6 | WIST

And our inexperience calamitatuj such delights made us all the more ardent in our pursuit of them, so that our thirst for one another was still unquenched.

In hocque ulterius tantum suum esse consilium, ut ad abbatiam meam, hoc est monasterium sancti Dyonisii, abbas meus, qui aderat, me reduceret; ibique pluribus ac doctioribus personis convocatis, diligentiori examine quid super hoc faciendum esset statueretur. Antequam autem illuc pervenirem, duo illi predicti emuli nostri ita me in clero et populo diffamaverunt, ut pene me populus paucosque qui advenerant hsitoria discipulis nostris prima die nostri adventus; lapidarent, dicentes me tres deos predicare et scripsisse, sicut ipsis persuasum fuerat.


Set free today, with the help of God’s mercy, one who is manifestly innocent, even as Susanna was freed of old from her false accusers. Nay, Plato himself, although he was a rich man let Diogenes trample on his couch with muddy feet, and in order that he ihstoria devote himself to philosophy established his academy in a place calamitstum from the city, and not only uninhabited but unhealthy as well.

Inito autem consilio, visum est eis me ad aliam abbatiam velle transire, et hoc sue dedecus inmensum fore. Unde utriusque lectionis studio scole nostre vehementer multiplicate, quanta mihi de pecunia lucra, quantam gloriam compararent ex fama te quoque latere non potuit.

Or to what Person can a church be more rightly said to belong than to Him to Whom all the blessings which the church administers are particularly ascribed? A talibus autem cotidianis eorum insidiis cum mihi in administratione cibi vel potus quantum possem providerem, in ipso altaris sacrificio toxicare me moliti sunt, veneno scilicet calici immisso. Oh, how great was the uncle’s grief when he learned the truth, and how bitter was the sorrow of the lovers when we were forced to part!

More recently there were the three philosophical sects which Josephus defines in his Book of Antiquities xviii. If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated vou. It was with such things in mind that the satirist said: One day, when I had gone to Nantes to visit the count, who was then sick, and while I was sojourning awhile in the house of one of my brothers in the flesh, they arranged to poison me with the connivance of one of my attendants believing that I would take no precautions to escape such a plot.

Many times I thought of the complaint of St.

Historia Calamitatum by Peter Abelard

For there is nothing that can give birth to itself. In measure as this passionate rapture absorbed me more and more, I devoted ever less time to philosophy and to the work of the school. And yet, if I did not do this to the utmost of my ability, I saw that my damnation was assured.

Heloise, on the contrary, denounced her own kin and swore that they were speaking the most absolute lies. Ad hanc itaque cum accessissem ut fructum inde colligerem, deprehendi illam esse ficulneam cui maledixit Dominus, seu illam veterem quercum cui Pompeium Calamitaatum comparat dicens, “Stat, magni nominis umbra, Qualis frugifero quercus sublimis in agro,” etc.

Quid autem in me ageret, quas mihi tenderet insidias, ignorabat. Quod multi audientes non sine magna admiratione susceperunt, et nonnulli hoc vehementer calumpniati sunt, dicentes non licere Spiritui sancto specialiter magis quam Deo patri ecclesiam aliquam assignari; sed vel soli Filio, vel toti simul Trinitati, secundum consuetudinem antiquam. Out of this sprang the beginning of my misfortunes, which have cxlamitatum me even to the present day; the more historria my fame was spread abroad, the more bitter was the envy that was kindled against me.


While these things were happening, it became needful for me again to repair to my old home, by reason of my dear mother, Lucia, for after the conversion of my father, Berengarius, to the monastic life, she so ordered her affairs as to do likewise.

As a result, my rivals became furiously angry, and summoned a council to take action against me, the chief instigators therein being my two intriguing enemies of former days, Alberic and Lotulphe. Thus in Leviticus xxii.

historia calamitatum mearum | Tumblr

In omni namgue populo, tam gentili scilicet quam iudaico sive christiano, aliqui semper extiterunt fide seu morum honestate ceteris preminentes, et se a populo aliqua continentie vel abstinentie singularitate segregantes.

They likewise went to the legate, and succeeded in so changing his opinion that finally they induced him to frame a new sentence, whereby he agreed to condemn my book without any further inquiry, to burn it forthwith in the sight of all, and to confine me for a year in another monastery.

It chanced, however, that one day my abbot came to Provins to see the count on certain matters of business. This illness forced me to turn homeward to my native province, and thus for some years I was as if cut off from France. Nay, in such case not even divine goodness could redeem one who, having been so proud, was brought to such shame, were it not for the blessed gift of grace. There was in lesser Brittany, in the bishopric of Vannes, a certain abbey of St.

Ex aqua quippe et Spiritu sancto in baptismo renascimur et tunc primo quasi speciale templum Deo constituimur. Sed hec profecto ratio ipsi hoc Trinitati aufert, et Spiritui sancto non aufert, cum ipse quoque Spiritus ex adventu suo propriam habeat Pentecostes sollempnitatem, sicut Filius ex suo natalis sui festivitatem; sicut enim Filius missus in mundum, ita et Spiritus sanctus in discipulos propriam sibi vendicat sollempnitatem.

Please help improve this article to make it neutral in tone and meet Wikipedia’s quality standards. Nec post multum tempus, quasi iam ulterius de mundana desperans gloria, ipse quoque ad monasticam comversus est vitam.

historia calamitatum mearum

And since the questions involved are generally considered the most difficult of all, their complexity is taken as the measure of the subtlety of him who succeeds in answering them. So in my case was fulfilled the saying: Ab hoc autem scolarum nostrarum tirocinio ita in arte dialetica nomen meum dilatari cepit, ut non solum condiscipulorum meorum, verum etiam ipsius magistri fama contracta paulatim extingueretur.

Full often did I repeat the lament of St.

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