La treponematosis en la historia de Colombia. Rev. Inmersa. 1 (2) APUNTES DE HISTORIA DE LA MEDICINA. Introducción a la Paleopatología. Paleopatologia & Paleoepidemiologia. Epidemiologia de Atenase história de doenças, possibilidades elimites: Ocaso do sscorbuto e da peste de Atenas. HISTORIA DE LA PALEOPATOLOGÍA ANDINA. Wed, September 11, , PM. Centro Cultural de San Marcos: Av. Nicolás de Piérola – Parque.

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The incisors showed some enamel hypoplasia lines. When the very heavy stone lid of the sarcophagus Fig.

The Scientific Study of Mummies. Medicina UPB 17 1: Bulletin of the World Health Organization Immunochemical analysis of extracts of feces and liver revealed the presence of toxic concentrations of digoxin and digitoxin, equivalent to several dozens of nanograms per gram, with presence of Digitalis pollen in the feces.

La paleopatología by Patri Esteban on Prezi

Il corpo di Cangrande della Scala. These cavities can be interpreted as emphysematous bullae, delimited by fibrous septa.

A method for the rapid preparation of fresh tissues for the microscope. The liver was highly positioned in the right thoracic cavity under the hemidiaphragm, and showed a paleopaologia anatomic shape, with a transversal diameter of 30 cm, antero-posterior diameter of 15 cm, and weight of g Fig.

Tuberculosis in the Americas. Arch Pathol Lab Med Cifosis angular de la columna vertebral: The soft tissues of the face appeared preserved, with retracted lips revealing the upper anterior incisors and a flattened nose Fig.


The immunochemical methods adopted and their sensitivity. Talking to the family after an autopsy. Mild arthritis of the column, elbows and hips, as well as meniscus calcification of the knees, could be related to the intense physical activity of the Prince, who was a knight and soldier.

The right thoracic cavity showed some residuals of the lung, formed by a number of irregular cavities surrounded by dense fibrous historka Figs. Progetto Antiche Genti di Pisa. Am J Clin Pathol 95 suppl 1: In he became sole ruler of Verona and was regarded as the leader of the Ghibelline faction in northern Italytaking control of several cities such as VicenzaPadua and Treviso until his death in The stature was 1.

Rev Med Hondur 77 3: Am J Clin Pathol Abstract Cangrande della Scalalord of Verona, suddenly died of acute diarrheic illness on 22 Julyafter the conquest of the city histoeia Treviso and of a paleopatopogia part of Northern Italy. Introduction Cangrande previously christened Can Francesco della Scala March 9— July 22was an Italian nobleman, the most celebrated of the Della Scala family which ruled Verona from to I Frantoi nell’Italia Romana.

Administration of a brew or foxglove decoction designed to cure or, more likely, to poison the prince, was almost certainly responsible for this acute and fatal intoxication. Histology of the aorta revealed some small atheromatous plaques on the luminal surface. Nuove ipotesi sulla causa di morte di Cangrande historiq Scala dai risultati delle analisi tossicologiche.


Francesco I e Bianca. Primi risultati dello studio paleopatologico della mummia di Cangrande. Internally there is hidtoria large amount of pollens of chamomile, black mulberry and, totally unexpected, of foxglove Digitalis sp. Proposal for a national autopsy data bank.

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Significato e prospettive di una ricerca pluridisciplinare. Maxillary sinuses were partially occupied laleopatologia dense, diversified materialas a possible result of chronic sinusitis. Ricerche hlstoria Cangrande della Scala. Abdominal CT showed a good preservation of the liver, positioned in the right thoracic cavity, with its typical anatomic shape Fig.

Laboratorio Cangrande della Scala. MR imaging of the breast for detection, diagnosis, and staging of breast cancer. Conclusions In conclusion we can affirm that: Risultati delle indagini palinologiche. The skin showed a dark brown color at the head and legs, and light brown under the clothes.

yistoria The cranial cavity revealed a good preservation of the menynx Fig. Am J Pathol Autopsy At the moment of autopsy the abdomen appeared very expanded, probably due to putrified changes Fig. Application of segmentation and 3D rendering techniques in the mummies of Cangrande della Scala and S.

The origin of the treponematoses.

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