The Historia naturalis Brasiliae, their collaborative illustrated folio volume, in twelve books, was published in Rich in description of native life, the book. SUMMARY. The Historia naturalis Brasiliae is the most important early account of Brazilian zoology, botany, medicine and, to some extent, ethnology. Its animals. Historia naturalis Brasiliae. by PISO, Willem, and George Marcgraf. and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at

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Natkralis Marcgraf Willem Piso. If your library holds a copy and you have not yet been in touch with us Alex Alsemgeest and Jeroen Bosor if you have more detailed information than you could provide us before, please let us know. Permalink May 12, The scene is enhanced by representations of several species of bird and fruit, conveying the rich, fertile existence of the colony.

The Historia contains four books entitled De Medicina Brasiliensi by Willem Pies or Piso concerning mainly medical and culinary aspects of the country, followed by eight books entitled Historia Rerum Brasiliensi by George Marcgraf or Marcgrave dealing with Brazilian botany and zoology, as well as some meteorology, ethnology and geography.

Post sedulam inquisitionem ad minimum novem species hujus plantae repperi. Richly illustrated scientific texts maturalis knowledge to be disseminated even when scholars themselves could not travel to the research site. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The work consists of a single volume, originally measuring 40 centimeters height and its full title, with subtitle, is: Please contact me for more details if you are interested in the information we have on the copy in your library.

Even though the book has been studied from brasilliae angles, we know very little naturalls the material history of the book. Eighteenth century green morocco, rebacked gilt decorated spine with floral motifs and six raised bands, ntauralis edges gilt, marbled endpapers. Retrieved from ” https: Exact name of German article]]; see its history for attribution.


The work remained unsurpassed until the nineteenth century, and between its initial publication and subsequent research it remained highly influential. For one hundred fifty years it provided vernacular names and descriptions of some Brazilian plants and animals.

You must provide copyright attribution in the edit summary by providing barsiliae interlanguage link to the source of your translation.

Historia Naturalis Brasiliae – PICWIK – UIowa Wiki

Frontispiece, Historia Naturalis Brasiliae Published Esculenta tamen omnia et palato non ingrata, licet minus ab Incolis expetita, ob frequentiam et nobilitatem duorum istorum in hortis crescentium, quorum frondes jucundissimam umbram praebent, si hederae aut vitium instar huc illuc flectantur, funiumque modo flexibiles et sequaces braailiae fornicis formam ducantur. They are in a foreground of a perspective framed by palm trees, with a group of natives dancing in the rear.

Title page of Historia naturalis Brasiliae It comprises the most important early documentation of zoology, botany, and medicine in Brazil. Brasilia his leadership which lasted untilthe colony thrived. Obtida de ” https: Citado por Taunay, op.

Piso wrote the first four books, which deal mainly with diseases native to Brazil and their remedies. Brazilian Natural Historyoriginally written in Latin, is the first scientific work on the natural history of Brazilwritten by Dutch naturalist Willem Piso and research by German scientist Georg Marcgrafpublished in Imprensa Oficial do Estado. This frontispiece reveals a Brazilian version of Adam and Eve, with serene and almost smiling faces. Furthermore, it has been pointed out that the copies of the colleges at Cambridge and Oxford should be listed separately and not placed under the heading of the university libraries.


Virtual Museum – Brazil.

He offers a vivid account of a patient in the throes of tetanus, and suggests that the root cause of the ailment may be a minor wound, of the kind that craftspeople incur while working. Even in black and naturwlis, the exuberant foliage coupled with the beautiful natives may remind the modern viewer of the Caribbean paintings of Paul Gaugin.

Amos Binney, deposited by mrs. It locates copies, maps the paths of specific copies through time, and may help to explain how ideas were transmitted through print. Historia Naturalis Brasiliae English: A disputa entre Marcgraf e Piso restara ainda sem o devido esclarecimento.

File:Historia Naturalis Brasiliae – Guilherme Piso – 1648.jpg

Diverse writers referred to the text, including Miguel Venegasauthor of Noticia de la CaliforniaAnglo-American Protestant theologian Cotton Matherwho saw in the text evidence of divine planning; and amateur American naturalist Thomas Jeffersonwho mentioned Marcgraf in his Notes on the State of Virginia. Historia naturalis Brasiliae, page Images from two of these books, dealing with quadrupeds and with insects, are pictured here.

Finally, the trajectory of the books in the following centuries can tell us a lot about changing cultural and scientific perspectives. A respeito disto Juliano Moreira escreveu: Noutros projetos Wikimedia Commons. We are now in the final month before our census will be published. The utility of these documents from John Maurice, Prince of Nassau-Siegen were able to assist other researchers and brwsiliae even in a more modern context.

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