Buy Training Mission Four by W. Hock Hochheim, Margaret Jane Eden (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free. Training Mission Four by W. Hock Hochheim contains Level Four training information in hand, stick, knife and gun close quarter combat. The book compliments. Training Mission One: W Hock Hochheim, Margaret Eden: : Books.

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Have arms bent and low. Remember the proper, total body synergy to energize the block. I expect you to train each strike.

Training Mission One: W Hock Hochheim, Margaret Eden: : Books

A slash of your knife’s edge may cause great damage to your enemy, or make only a slight tear in clothing. Military and police academies missikn spend time with political and non-combat related training agendas.

Advanced 9 clock slashes: Killshot Knife Sparring Perform rounds of: The ulna bones are thick and are not easily hurt or injured. The left arm thrusting forearm strike. But where and when possible, always hurt the enemy with a block.

A slash with a big heavy knife can cause more damage than a smaller, lighter one. Are there signs of defecation and urination? At times when a citizen or a police officer shoots a hofk, or when soldiers shoot the enemy in the chaos of battle, they may find it difficult to determine the precise results of their gunfire.


Strike and push upon: I would not outlaw the idea under certain circumstances. Rounds of right versus left. On the inner leg reaps you may practice the set-up knee strike previously shown.

Close Quarter Combat Group: Training Mission Three

Training Mission Three Page 62 W. All Strikes Can be Blocks too! In hochhwim series above, the first contact drives right in as a palm strike. Let your thumb wander from job to job. Take this course of action even if you have several layers of clothing on.

In Training Mission Two we began to use the weapon in combat with a single-handed grip. In the series on the next page, contact is established and the other hand charges in to strike with a forearm attack. Favored because it demonstrates the hooking and pinching the grip is noted for, of an attacking stab, then the follow-up slash across the throat.

You may not be able to draw down on him, but rather, you may try to engage in conversation from a safe distance.

The block is a reflexive act, often to protect vital body zones such as the face and neck. You must use your entire body to fight. With this simplicity comes speed. Hook the arm into the rear arm bar position. His face color changes, traininng reddens or pales. What is the leading edged-weapon injury to law enforcement? Confine that stronger, more coordinated side first.


Close Quarter Combat Group: Training Mission Three – PDF Free Download

To get this painful arm crank, insert your arm into the bend of his caught arm, bottom-side entry. Settle for a cut on the blocking limb.

Training Mission Three For solo command and mastery work, start with a normal DMS grip and shove the stick to the right. Training Mission Three Page 84 W.


In the end, simple is best. Knee to the thigh.

Short knife versus long knife-any hand. Hock Hochheim Studies and Observations 9: And remember to check the expiration dates. The Reverse Slash on the 4 clock quadrants for quick study. If you mimic the mechanics of saber slashing with your reverse grip, you will never penetrate the target.

Even courses designated as combat courses waste time on jumping jacks, marching and other steps to develop physical fitness. Is he surrendering, or trying to kill you? The Groin Strike Again we fight against the common angry choke or any extended arm grab around the collar or shoulder.

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