About the Holby Tempering Valve. The Holby Tempering Valve is used. Find a dealer. Holby Tempering Valves are available through plumbing supply. holby-valve-installation+adjustment- instructions. Home · About · Valves.

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You can access your libraries on the toolbar at the bottom of your screen or by clicking on the “My Libraries” page. Not a member yet? Right below the product image you’ll find all the social media links.

If you actually click on the product image, you’ll be taken to the “Product detail Page” where you can click on the little magnifying glass icon to see a large view. Click on this icon to create a new palette.

You can edit your palette’s project details by clicking on the “Edit Project Details” icon on the right-hand side of the palette stage. We don’t provide the palette title or description as that may be private information, but you can see the products in a palette, duplicate a palette and share it on social media sites. Va,ve is where you can select to make your palette private or public. You’ll receive and email with a new temporary password. Mere reference to product information in the Pro Material Solutions database does not signify sponsorship, affiliation, or approval of Pro Material Solutions by the manufacturer.

When logged in, go to “My Palettes” and click on the trash can icon below the palette image to delete the palette. They will contact you via the email on your account. When requesting samples you can select “2nd Day” or “Overnight” as a shipping preference. If you would like to keep your palette private be sure to select the “Keep Private” option when creating a palette.



You can opt into receiving product updates and news from ProMatSolutions when you first sign-up. Treat this as a custom search area. Product samples ordered by Pro Material Solutions users are provided directly from manufacturers.

VALVES – 2-1/2″ Holby Tempering Valve

Simply fill out the “To” name and email, fill out a personal message and hit send! You have to select the product you want to use first before clicking on a tool. Firefox Internet Explorer Chrome Safari. Click on any “? Anywhere you see a manufacturer’s name under the product nameyou can click on it to view all products by this manufacturer.

While browsing products you can click the “Add to Library” icon on any product and it will hloby to your library. You can create a different library for each palette. Rollover each icon to see what each tool does. Simply click on the product image and then click on the “Delete Item” icon on the tools to left side of your palette. Here you can edit your account information.

Thank you for your interest in ProMatSolutions. Here you can access all the specification sheets for all the products in your palette. When attempting to leave the Palette page your browser will ask you if you’re sure you want to leave the page.

The recipient will get a special message with an image of the palette and a link to view it. In the toolbar you can click on the “Actions Box” and then select “Create New”. If the editor takes way too long, please let us know.


This guide is here to help you learn about the features of the Pro Material Solutions website and how to use them. It’s free to join Pro Material Solutions!

Contact | Holby Valve

All currently available categories will appear in White. Click on the “Download Specs” icon on the right vxlve of your vale. Large Sump – Roof Drain: This tab is a shortcut back to the palette that you were last working on.

Series Color Name: On the right-hand side of the palette click on the “Edit Project Details” icon. If you’d like to clear all selections, simply hit the “Reset” button. Click on the product image to go to the “Product Detail Page”. You can click on any product and go to the Product Detail Page and you’ll find a link on this page to download its spec sheet.

Thus, our library will continue to grow and so should your Matches.

Vslve you see a palette that you like and would like to start with, simply click on the “Duplicate Palette” button, fill in the necessary information, and we’ll copy over all products and create a new palette just for you. Pro Material Solutions is not an advertiser, distributor, or manufacturer of the products that appear in its database.

This icon looks like a trash can.

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