How to Make a Flash Bang (Flash Grenade): this instructable will teach you how to make a quick and easy Flash Bang. this was not my idea, i found it on. It’s been a long day of fighting crime and the forces of darkness. You’ve kicked ass, sent some baddies to prison and saved a puppy all in. While this reaction will not be fast enough to cause a massive explosion it will reduce the shelf life of the “flash bang”. The magnesium will be.

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Try your supplies dept see if they have a supplier of an item for this flxshbang. Until then, the points here are well-put, and I will NOT be attempting this. If a cop threw what is essentially an improvised explosive at me I would sue the city for more than the cop is worth.

Makeshift Flashbang?

Started by Switch3ZJun 22 So I guess my question would be, what’s the best way to create a small, extremely loud blast with minimal flame and debris? The powder that is used, is flash powder caution! And not more then grams at once! Edited by Switch3Z, 22 June – It gives a loud report with a very bright flash. I’m sure I’ll have more questions. I’m not an expert by any means.


Makeshift Flashbang? – Newbie Questions – APC Forum

Engineering, Pyrotechnic chemistry, guitar, rock climbing, 4×4 offroading Edited by Aneantis, 22 June – I’ve forgotten my password. If you’re making smoke bombs dont burn the sugar if you melt it, else the whole thing will combust. Being the officer responsible for accidentally hoomemade a building may be career negative.

Posted 25 June – Community Forum Software by IP. Mumbles brings up a falshbang good point with using the device. It’s made with only a few strips of paper fold in a special way search google for a folding-guide. I understand the desire for such a device, but the logistics insurance mainlywould tend to make this impossible.

Just so you guys quit asking, here is the link to the old forum. And last time I looked, “information” was not against the law unless you stole it.

Building left as a burning blasted wreck but all hostages out. I’ll try to look for those, it sounds flashbangg like what I’m looking for. My intentions aren’t to throw it at anyone. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality.


There is a lot of testing and approval that goes into the full sized ones, and these would not be exempt.

I think that puts him on the level by fairly saying so ahead of time. Homemaed use of one issued by the police armourer, would be considered legitimate, The flashbqng of a DIY version would probably cost an officer his good standing and his job salary and pension. They mess with the crackheads all the time doing less than legal stuff. Oh yes, as well as the IED problem there is the striker.

Mabye buy a ridiculously overpowered flashlight – would be a way to temporarily disorient people without getting into lawsuit territory? Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. I appreciate everyones take in this matter, and it’s nice to know there’s a strong Pro-LE presence on this forum.

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