The letter was subtitled “Homosexualitatis problema”. In it, and to the surprise of many Catholics, Ratzinger said that Homosexual acts are sinful. “Homosexualitatis Problema” concludes with two wonderful verses from Scripture : “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free” (Jn. One of the nastier tricks of Vatican rhetoric, especially as displayed in “ Homosexualitatis Problema”, is the uneven manner in which (approved).

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Secret Splendor 1 week ago. Father James Brennan, a year-old priest accused of raping a year-old boy, looks sad and stooped in a navy sweater, unshaven and sniffling.


The Church, obedient to the Lord who founded her and gave to her the sacramental life, celebrates the divine plan of the loving and live-giving union of men and women in the sacrament of marriage.

It is quite true that the Biblical literature owes to the different epochs in which it was written a good deal of its varied patterns of thought and expression Dei Verbum Un padre de familia.

Homosexualitatis Problema | Queering the Church

How easy it it would be to lament the condition of the heterosexual male, intent only on self-indulgent sensual gratification, as demonstrated in the ubiquity of prostitution and pornography. These latter groups are guided by a vision opposed to the truth about the human person, which is fully disclosed in the mystery of Christ. Ecclesia, Domino obsequens qui eam condidit et donum vitae sacramentalis largitus est, in sacramento matrimonii consilium divinum celebrat circa mutuam et vivificam amoris unionem inter virum et mulierem.

How to Buy Airline Tickets 6 years ago. Paulo cernitur in ipsis iunctionibus homosexualibus cfr.

Administri, zelo praestantes in hoc campo, persuasum habeant se fideliter obsequi voluntati Dei, cum personas homosexuales hortantur ad vitam caste ducendam, et inaestimabilem recolunt dignitatem ad quam Deus etiam ipsos evexit. Reflections on Faith and Culture. Actio vere pastoralis prospicere etiam debebit, ut a personis homosexualibus proximae peccandi occasiones removeantur.

Queer Hymn of Praise: Hinc apud nonnullas Nationes vera molimina corrumpendi Ecclesiam habentur, patrocinio obtento sacrorum Pastorum, saepe bona fide dato, ut homosexualitaatis civilium normae mutentur. Ipsa conscia est opinionem eorum, homisexualitatis dictitant actionem homosexualem idem pdoblema ac sexualem expressionem amoris coniugalis vel saltem aeque ac illum admitti posse, directe infringere ipsam notionem quam societas habet de natura ac iuribus familiaris convictus, eaque in grave adducere discrimen.

Nonnulli opinantur propensionem homosexualem in quibusdam casibus non esse effectum optionis homosexalitatis, nec dari aliam optionem personae homosexuali, cum ipsa ad agendum modo homosexuali necessitate cogatur. The Church’s doctrine regarding this issue is homosexualutatis based, not on isolated phrases for facile theological argument, but on the solid foundation of a constant Biblical testimony.


Logically, I am sure it is quite as possible for heterosexual marriages to be as emotionally healthy for both partners as homoerotic relationships. Quamvis praxis homosexualitatis in grave adducat discrimen vitam ac valetudinem ingentis hominum multitudinis, nihilominus fautores harum opinionum ab actione sua non recedunt ac renuunt periculi gravitatem considerare eidem insitam.

My own experience was that the attempt to live strictly within Vatican rules on sexual ethics led me to drift away from the church. This last assertion, based on absolutely no evidence, is perhaps the most egregious of all.

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Vatican teaching on sexuality has the remarkable characteristic of being distantly removed from any grounding in the facts of real human lives. This page was last edited on 9 Januaryat One of the great paradox’s of queer church history is that a period of extreme persecution of “sodomites” by the Inquisition, directly at their own hands or indirectly by secular authorities at their instigation, largely coincided with a remarkable series of popes ho,osexualitatis had sex with men, who protected family and friends who did so, or homosexualitaris vast […].

Providing a basic plan for understanding this entire discussion of homosexuality is the theology of creation we find in Genesis. Solummodo id quod verum est, ad ultimum esse potest etiam pastorale. That Cross, for the believer, is a fruitful sacrifice since from that death come life and homosexalitatis.

Omne patrocinium removendum est a quibusvis organizationibus quae magisterium Ecclesiae subvertere contendunt, vel quae erga illud ambigue se gerunt, aut illud prorsus neglegunt.

Left ill of dead 3 months ago.

Quemadmodum accidit quotiescumque habetur conversio a malo, vi huius libertatis nisus humani, lumine et robore gratiae Dei suffulti, efficere poterunt ut personae homosexuales valeant se ab actione homosexuali abstinere. Zoologists have shown that homosexual behaviour occurs throughout homosexualitatks animal world.

Scripturarum interpretatio, ut recte fieri possit, cum hac Traditione reapse congruere debet. For those who do not possess it, compulsory celibacy is simply oppressive:. Such ministers will reject theological opinions which dissent from the teaching of the Church and which, therefore, cannot be used as guidelines for pastoral care.

Ex his pastoralibus inceptis, quae diversas suscipiunt formas, plura oriri possunt commoda, quorum non ultimum hoc est, quod in comperto habeatur personas homosexuales sicut ceteras omnes vehementer necessitatem experiri auxilium coniuncte accipiendi pro variis vitae suae condicionibus. In such a way, the entire Christian community can come to recognize its own call to assist its brothers and sisters, without deluding them or isolating them.


Ab eius igitur administris postulatur diligens studium, operosa cura et consideratio quae recto animo et theologica prudentia peragatur. You already recently rated this item. Instead, it provides us with an excellent example of what Dr Mark Jordan has described as the typical rhetorical style of the Church: Ruprecht makes an important point: Paulus uberius evolvit in eam inducens prospectum eschatologicum; rursus enim eandem doctrinam proponit atque personas homosexuales refert in eorum numerum, qui in regnum Dei non intrabunt cfr.

Or, we could consider the one-sided nature of the institution of traditional marriage, marked by patriarchal domination, an expectation that male sexual needs should always be met, a disregard for the need or sometimes even the possibility of female sexual pleasure, and sometimes even domestic violence and marital rape.

March 17, In the Navy: John McNeill has often written of the importance of his own partner, Charles, and how important each has been to the other in the differing kinds of support they offer, and the sacrifices they have made for each other. We need a mass of them, all testifying and bearing witness to the error in the teaching. While any call to carry the cross or to understand a Christian’s suffering in this way will predictably be met with bitter ridicule by some, it should be remembered that this is the way to eternal life for all who follow Christ.

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With this in mind, this Congregation wishes to ask the Bishops to be especially cautious of any programmes which may seek to pressure the Church to change her teaching, even while claiming not to do so. Write a review Rate this item: Pope John Paul II approved the letter and ordered its publication. Nullum authenticum pastoralis navitatis programma admittere poterit organizationes, quae constent ex personis homosexualibus inter se consociatis, nisi in ipsis clare sit statutum exercitium homosexualitatis esse contra regulam morum.

Would you also like to submit a review for this item? He lost his faith as an adolescent.

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