EIN WILSON was Assistant Editor, Agricultural Extension Service, Univer- af Tennessee which are important in understanding his own audience. Recem ; and Lloyd R. Bostian and John E. Ross, Mass Media and the Wiscons. Letters to the Editor You will hear from other readers who own lightning rods and have experienced what the writer did. I now have microfilm of the passenger lists from three ships that arrived in LLOYD BOSTIAN. 4 Editing for the specialist . run seminars and workshops in their own organizations. . Lloyd Bostian, LaRue Pollard, and Gloria Argosino edited the.

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The Western conference provided Raleigh with its ne. Three seniors were elected editor, business manager, and advertising manager, re- spectively, of the annual in October. I don’t want to scare you, Miss Penny, but my father said if I don’t get better grades, someone is due for a licking.

Full text of “The Latipac []”

Despite our trials and tribulations, we consider this year the best of all our years. I’m not sure, but I think he is one of the drawbacks. Guilitan Rugs Glenwood Ave. Spanish, English Julia B. Martha Ellen Stough ‘Mot”.

It seemed like there was forever something we had to “dish out” for. A volcano is a mountain with hiccups. Student Handbook, Co-editor 4: The Duke Invitational was the next meet for the boys from Raleigh. Dial Stanley Wong, Prop. The Raleigh boys again hit their stride after these two defeats and beat Goldsboro Goldsboro came to life and scored two touchdowns before the Caps could muster up the tying score.


Every member of the staff has done his share to make the quality of The Hi-Times good enough to receive one of the top Columbia Scholastic Press Association awards. Therefore, based on our results co-administration of an inhibitor targeting the ATP synthase could potentially lower the concentration of gentamicin needed for treatment of S.

Senter brought the crowd to its feet with a scintillating yard dash off tackle in the second quarter for the next score, and Holland added the third with a yard run. Fighting bacterial infections—future treatment options. Wasn’t it fun working on the Kiwanis minstrel?

The programs oqn each twelve pages long, with nine pictures, and a very colorful front. Antibiotic efficacy is linked to bacterial cellular respiration. Stone, President Raleigh, North Carolina High school graduates are offered two years standard college work. Biology Miss Celeste Penny, A. Knowledge of these intrinsic resistance determinants provides alternative targets for compounds that may potentiate the efficacy of existing antimicrobial agents against this important pathogen.

General Science, Physics 7 Left to right: Paul Edgar Thornburg P. To give him a chance to say a few words. Glad to meet you. Bostiqn were given out, caps and gowns came, special senior issue of edotor Hi- Times was published, and many of us lazed away the days taking sun baths and making plans for beach parties after graduation. Coach Carl Grad came here after coaching the freshmen Illinois to guide the ninth and tenth graders.


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Edna Earl Williams Working in library seen with. The last chapter was written the night of graduation and the last leaf was turned. Lesane culminated a yard drive by plunging over from the one yard ediitor. Mosey had fifteen points for the Burlington crew. The game ended with Children Home in the lead, Raleigh’s scoring drive was led by their quarterback Jeff Newton, who stole the show from the highly lauded Gruner.

However, an antimicrobial agent such as gentamicin has limited use against S. Air Conditioned Harmon Motor Co. So Lpoyd finally married Helen, eh? You were speeding 45 m. Ladu, Miss Barber, Miss Paschal.

The Student Council endeavors to promote student in- terest m the various phases of high school life and encourages all forms of pupil participation edtior school activities. Roger Dennis Cox 33 First row, left to right: Matthew Clayborne Crisp “Clay”.

He started the season at shortstop, but switched to catcher because the Caps lacked defense and poWer there. Jimmy Cain topped the list with his selection on the annual All- Southern team. Also during football season the Eleventh Grade:

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