Tuesday, 19 May Globalization is not global westernization according to Amartya Sen in his article “How to judge globalism”. There is no time. Amartya Sen. “How to Judge Globalism”. Many critics see globalization as a western curse. But in fact it is not one way (west to east) nor is it necessarily a curse. In the article “How to Judge Globalism,” Amartya Sen provides a history of globalism. She talks how globalization is a two way street where in.

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For Sen, globalization is neither new, nor entirely western, nor a curse. Income Inequalities In the last class we analyzed a particular type of inequality in the context of a two-sector model In particular, we used the H-T model.

This may require extensive institutional reform, even as globalization is defended. To conclude, the confounding globalismm globalization with Westernization is not only ahistorical, it also distracts attention from the many potential benefits of global integration. Globalization has much to offer; but even as we defend it, we must also, without any contradiction, see the legitimacy of many questions that amartyz antiglobalization protesters ask. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors.

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How to Judge Globalism

Other issues include improving access to lifesaving drugs for diseases like AIDS, and the global trade in arms and weapons which feed local wars and military conflicts. A similar situation arose when turmeric became expensive due to the patent filed on it in U. These enabling conditions themselves depend critically on economic, social, and political institutions that operate nationally and globally.

It is not sufficient to understand that the poor of the world need globalization as much as the rich do; it is also important to make sure that they actually get what they need.

Ch. 2: How to Judge Globalism

To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. To see globalization as merely Western imperialism of ideas and beliefs as the rhetoric often suggests would be a serious and costly error, in the same way that any European resistance to Eastern influence would have been at the beginning of the last millennium. The question is not just whether the poor, too, gain something from globalization, but whether they get a fair share and a fair opportunity.


The word algorithm is derived from the name al-Khwarizmi.

Globalim this involving China, Turkey, and India is globalization, all right, globalusm the West is not even in sight. Development Sen on globalization. As has been amply established in empirical studies, market outcomes are massively influenced by public policies in education, epidemiology, land reform, microcredit facilities, appropriate legal protections, et cetera; and in each of these fields, there is work to be done through public action that can radically alter the outcome of local and global economic relations.

Thanks to India, the decimal system was developed between the second and sixth centuries.

That answer may or may not be wrong, but the question certainly is. Further, multinational firms can exert their influence on the priorities of public expenditure in less secure third-world countries by giving preference to the safety and convenience of the managerial classes and of privileged workers over the removal of widespread illiteracy, medical deprivation, and other adversities of the poor.

The misdiagnosis that globalization of ideas and practices has to be resisted because it entails dreaded Westernization has played quite a regressive part in the colonial and postcolonial world. However, can ssn less-well-off groups get a better deal from globalized economic and social relations without dispensing with the market economy itself?

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Sen on globalization

It prevailed go centuries. Email required Address never made public. So globalisj globalization of science and technology is as old as the hills, and the West should be grateful for this — as much as the East should be proud! And more recently in East Asia, remarkable reductions in poverty have been achieved by countries which have opened up to global markets and knowledge. Health and Human Sciences Economics and Health: Those who take an upbeat view of globalization see it as a marvelous contribution of Western civilization to the world.

When a modern mathematician in Boston invokes an algorithm to solve a difficult computational problem, she may not be aware that she is helping to commemorate the Arab mathematician Mohammad Ibn Musa-al-Khwarizmi, who flourished in the first half of the ninth century.

Likewise, one cannot rebut the charge that the global system is unfair by showing that even the poor gain something from global contacts and are not necessarily made poorer. The West must get full credit for the remarkable achievements that occurred in Europe and Europeanized America, but the idea of an immaculate Western conception is an imaginative fantasy.


To reject the globalization of science and technology because it represents Western influence and imperialism would not only amount to overlooking global contributions–drawn from many different parts of the world–that lie solidly behind so-called Western science and technology, but would also t quite a daft practical decision, given the extent to which the whole world can benefit from the process.

Globalization has been a blessing, not a curse, to all countries which have embraced it. That is, I would argue, the constructive question that emerges from the so-called antiglobalization movements. The concept had traveled full circle–from India, and then back.

There is no time like the present, when globalization is getting a bad rap because of the financial crisis, to recall some of his arguments. In order to rebel against the appalling poverty and the staggering inequalities that characterize the contemporary world–or to protest against the unfair sharing of benefits of global cooperation–it is not necessary to show that the massive inequality or distributional unfairness is also amwrtya marginally larger.

From the opposite perspective, Western dominance–sometimes seen as a continuation of Western imperialism–is the devil of the piece. And it was translated into Chinese by a half-Turk! Indeed, Europe globalosm have been a lot poorer–economically, culturally, and scientifically–had it resisted the globalization of mathematics, globallsm, and technology at that time.

That is, he agrees with them tl something must be done. And then there are globalized events which did not even touch the West.

In addition to the momentous omissions that need to be rectified, there are also serious problems of commission that must be addressed for even elementary global ethics.

Not only is the progress of global science and technology not an exclusively West-led phenomenon, but there were major global developments in which the West was not even involved.

The high technology in the world of A. Certainly, the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, and the Industrial Revolution were great achievements–and they occurred mainly in Europe and, later, in America.

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