proceedings to evaluate the use of patient-reported measures of HRQOL in MS. A variety of .. MSQOL may represent a barrier to its use in clinical practice. Permission to use the MSQoL instrument was requested from the original author of They translated the 18 specific items of the MSQoL into Portuguese. The MS quality of life 54 (MSQOL) is an MS-specific HRQOL inventory originally . MSQOL scale scores were assembled using the Likert method for .

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Translation of the Multiple Sclerosis Quality of Life Brazilian Version | OMICS International

We thank Barbara G. The method of purposive sampling was used in order to obtain maximum variation in patient yse, including, in this case, education, EDSS, and area of Italy. Rasch fit statistics and sample size considerations for polytomous data. The purpose of this study was to validate Bosnian translation of disease specific quality of life measure MSQoL which is widely used in practice.

Cross-cultural adaptation and validation of multiple sclerosis quality of life questionnaire MSQOL in a Turkish multiple sclerosis sample. Its internal consistency reliability measured by Cronbach alpha coefficient is well above the minimum requirement in case of all scales.

Schema representing the 2 components, 12 domains and 54 items of the MSQoL Translation of 18 specific items. The MSQOL has well documented validity in terms of content, constructs, reliability, discrimination [ 35 — 11 ], and responsiveness [ 19 ]. Please review our privacy policy. As regards the size of the database of completed MSQOLs, this exceeded the minimum of compilations recommended by de Ayala [ 43 ].


This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, uze permits unrestricted use, distribution and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited. The first author participated in both evaluations and no modifications took place at this stage. Item reduction based on rigorous methodological guidelines is necessary to maintain validity when shortening composite measurement scales.

During the past 4 weekshow much of the time has your physical health or emotional problems interfered with your social activities [like visiting with friendsrelativesetc. Please review our privacy policy.

Guidelines from the international panel on the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. Published online Apr Reasons may be embarrassment, because the issue msqpl not arise within the one-month referral period, and lack of clarity.

Development of a Short Version of MSQOL-54 Using Factor Analysis and Item Response Theory

This article describes the translation into Portuguese Brazil of 18 specific items ue evaluating QoL in MS patients translated, a process similar to what occurred in other languages where the SF had also already been validated [ 47813 ].

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Furthermore the time spent by clinicians gathering and interpreting HRQOL information as part of the clinical encounter is not reimbursed [ 2 ]. Which best describes how you feel about your life as a whole? Version two of the MSQoL – Portuguese was evaluated by a neurologist specialist in MS on the item relevance to the intended measure.


Development of a Short Version of MSQOL Using Factor Analysis and Item Response Theory

Bosnian translation of MSQoL 54 is available and it was used in some studies and research projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina The factor MHC comprised, in order of saturation: Confirmation of these mwqol in an independent sample second phase of the project is however needed. It is a structured self-report questionnaire that the patient can usually complete with little or no assistance, except for those with disease-related clinical deficiencies.

Conventional criteria versus new alternatives. Worst Possible Quality of life Equal to or worse than being dead. Originally developed in US English, it has been translated and culturally adapted into several languages [ 5 — 11 ].

In general, there are four main steps involved in a linguistic validation of an instrument: Concepts, issues, and applications. Quality of life in multiple sclerosis: We retained item 53 visual analogue scale and eliminated item Permission to use the MSQoL instrument was requested from the original author go this questionnaire who approved the translation into Brazilian Portuguese.

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