This collection gathers poems from throughout Joy Harjo’s twenty-eight-year How We Became Human explores its title question in poems of sustaining grace. When Joy Harjo published her first chapbook The Last Song in , Native American How We Became Human collects poems from each of seven previous. How We Became Human has ratings and 35 reviews. This collection gathers poems from throughout Joy Harjo’s twenty-eight-year career, beginning in.

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Crazy Brave, a memoir is her newest publication from W. Other poems from the same original chapbook show an appreciation of her humn and are informed by her participation in the Kiva Club, where its members sought to give voice to Indigenous peoples.

However, her style continued becake evolve. In this collection, Harjo generously takes you on her journey, leaving you with an ache that will surely inspire contemplation and continued reading of all of her writings.

Oct 19, Addyson Santese rated it really liked it. I have internalized many of the lines from Harjo’s poems, particularly one from “My House is the Red Earth,” when she speaks of a crow, saying “he perches on the blue bowl of the sky, and laughs” They also deliver a great deal of information on various Native American cultures and languages, which I found interesting. A poet who wrote personally but without needing to explain herself after every poem was Sexton, whom Harjo mentions as having been an influence on her.

How We Became Human

No trivia or quizzes yet. But that’s a good thing. Annotations The Last Song Lots of nature imagery. A younger Harjo would likely not have written verse as expansive as qe the poem “In Praise of Earth,” where she writes, “We kept on dancing last summer though the dancing had been called subversive.

Joy Harjo’s collection of poetry switches between focusing on the natural beauty in the south-west and life. Oct 13, Tara rated it liked it. Poems are short, around 4 stanzas long.

HOW WE BECAME HUMAN: New and Selected Poems: 1975–2001

Harjo blends Native American values and myths with current life in order to draw connections to feminist concepts, the inconsistency of memory, and surviving in a world that is hard to recognize at times. It doesn’t seem like an accident, her hanging off the ledge. I particularly liked this line, “To make art is to replicate the purpose of original creation.


Jun 25, Sandy D. Lingering in the back of your mind for days as you slowly feel them out. As she states in the introduction, “There is no separation between poetry, the stories and events that link them, or the music that holds all together, just as there is no separation between human, animal, plant, sky, and earth.

We Were There When Jazz Was Invented, a musical story that proves southeastern indigenous tribes were part of the origins of American music. Please read She had some horses separately and judge for yourselves!

Aug 20, Vickie rated it it was amazing. Mar 24, Cory rated it liked it Shelves: The reader encounters many different styles and structures of poetry, creating the sense that the text imi Harjo’s collection of poetry, which spans over almost thirty years of her career, is impressive, not only in its density, but in the richness of the text. While reading these poems, I had a sense of hearing a multiplicity of voices at once, a multiplicity which occasionally gave place to one identifiably Native American voice rising above the din of the other voices in Harjo’s head and in mine.

How We Became Human: New and Selected Poems by Joy Harjo

I know it and have dreaded the knot of memory as it unwinds in my gut. Feb 09, Riah rated juman liked it Shelves: Jul 16, Abby rated it really liked it Shelves: There is a stronger sense of narrative and characterization.

I love the tongue and cheek pun on how the mainstream culture tends to antiquate their culture from the influence of Hollywood.

Hyman her best, Harjo is my favorite Native American poet and one of the American poets I’ve returned to most regularly over the years. Joy Harjo is one of the most accomplished American poets alive today.


They grapple with issues of colonialism and how to create an identity when the larger society is working against you. Don’t know how I never heard of her before this, I liked her work almost as much as Billy Collins.

Prolly the coolest Native Writer I’ve met. This collection of her work spans over thirty years; the reader can see Harjo’s transformation as both a writer and a person, as her writing is highly personal.

Great look on what it would be like to experience double marginalization as an indigenous woman. The reader encounters many different styles and structures of poetry, creating the sense that the text imitates life in the way that it adapts and shifts itself over time. All joh of kindness are lights in the war for justice.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The poems, which mainly focus on Native American life, particularly in the Southwest, is culturally specific yet accessible to a wide variety of audiences. Mason rated it it was amazing. Overall, the collection of poems is nothing short of impressive and should be an integral part of anyone’s bookshelf particularly if they have a fondness for the Southwest.

Dec 16, Jerry rated it really liked it Shelves: I enjoyed this anthology, but it loses the significance as a piece of works in its mere existence as a collection. And though her writing is personal, I think that it’s still relatable.

I want more from writing than an examination of the self and the place of the self in communities. I found some individual poems in this book rather good, but thematically and as a whole, hpw felt inaccessible. Joy Harjo’s poetry applies the richness of Native American myth to the often bleak conditions of modern America and its downtrodden minorities, including those of Native American ancestry, struggling to find hope and redemption.

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