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DBS3900 Distributed Base Stations

The priority of the classifier with the index 1 is 1 and that of the classifier with the index 2 is 2. Huxwei the software commissioning work on the BS can be performed on the management center in a centralized manner.

Dbe3900 UL public-area supports five modes mode 0 to wimsx 4. Step 4 Query and set the iCSD switch. We cooperate with forwarders and Express companies: If the load on the network is light, the BE service flow may probably have transmission wimaz. In an adverse radio environment, HARQ can reduce the impaction of channel fading and interference fluctuation, thereby achieving high system gains, lowering the BER, and improving data transmission performance. Courier New Examples of information displayed on the screen are in Courier New.

The BS uses multiple antennas to receive signals, thus distinguishing between subscribers and improving uplink capacity. It supports open loop and closed loop power control to minimize fading effects and interference, thus improving transmission quality.

With this technology, the customers can reduce the CAPEX for the WiMAX market and protect their investment, thus bringing better service experience to their subscribers. Currently, only the latter rule is supported.

Downlink A downlink is a channel on which data is transmitted from the BS to the terminal. In this case, the configurations of the DHCP server on the M and of the topology on the M need to be modified so that the BS can be managed through the network management center in remote mode.


Meanwhile, different signals are transmitted in different timeslots by the same antenna, and therefore receive diversity can be implemented at the receiver. If the bandwidth required by the service flow is less than the reserved bandwidth, the BS can use the remaining part of the reserved bandwidth for other purposes.

Huawei DBS3900 WiMAX

With this feature, local software commissioning is not necessary during site deployment. The preceding three conditions can be used as the same time. Change password No account? Also, they might go to your country to help with technical problems if necessary. The service flow can also send requests for bandwidth in a manner of competition. Idle Mode Exiting After the Timer Expires Figure shows the idle mode exiting process after the management resource holding timer expires. This process is outer-loop power control.

Different streams are transmitted through the same time and frequency resources. Retransmission For an incorrect data block, the transmitter retransmits the check bits first. The QoS parameters of the BE service are as follows: Italic Command arguments are in italics. High-priority services such as the UGS of high-priority users such as handover users are admitted on a preferential basis. Creating NEs is complete. The MS itself can also initiate handovers.

If the value of this parameter is too large or too small, calculation is performed during the actual process of establishing the service flow according to the resource management algorithm, and the calculation result determines whether the service flow can be successfully established. For example, pressing Alt, A means the two keys should be pressed in turn. This type of power control, however, is slow and causes high overheads over the air interface.

The adjustments are accumulated. We will follow up with you as soon as possible. There are two modes of four-antenna downlink transmission. Skip to main content. Supporting Versions Table lists the versions that support the handover feature. If error occurs again, the transmitter retransmits the entire data block. If the transmitter fails to receive the ACK message, it retransmits the packet that fails to be received, as shown in Figure Our company is principally engaged in the purchase and sale of telecommunication products, the construction of intelligent network and the research and sales of IoT product.


Figure shows principle of CDD. In order for the DHCP broadcast packets from the BS to be sent over the IP bearer network and received by the M, the DHCP relay service needs to be configured on the layer 3 switching equipment closest to the BS on the bearer network so that the broadcast packets from the BS are converted to unicast packets and sent to the DHCP server on the M through the layer 3 switching network. There are four user priorities: All other trademarks and trade names mentioned in this document are the property of their respective holders.

Intelligent Edge Heterogeneous Servers. The thresholds are adjusts by steps. A shift between the uplink power control modes is originated by the BS or MS. Smart Modular Data Centers. After the receiver receives an error packet, it does not discard the error packet but combines the error packet with the retransmitted redundancy information and then decodes the combined information.

Insecure Location Update Process Figure shows the insecure location update process.

Huawei DBS WiMAX Archives – HUAWEI Mobile Core Network, OSN-Optical, Wireless Reseller

Purpose The purpose of power control is to control the transmit power of the MS, thereby ensuring the data transmission quality in various radio environments. Each type of service flows is associated with different QoS parameters.

The response message carries a recommended list of target BSs. Two-antenna Matrix A and two-antenna Matrix B:

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