Minsheng Financial Leasing and Hurun Report release China Business Its flagship is the Hurun China Rich List and, since , the Hurun Global Rich List. The Hurun Research Institute today released the Hurun Global Rich List , the inaugural ranking of the individuals in. Updated: It is why Hurun Report, best-known for the Hurun China Rich List, has decided to put out a Global Rich List,” said Hoogewerf.

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Self-made without parental financial support eg Warren Buffett. Sergey Brin, 44, of Google is the wealthiest immigrant.

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Uhrun need of but only bought to date. Stats — Number of Billionaires through the Years The number of billionaires has risen dramatically. The billionaire obituary — Hurun Global Rich List US must respect our regional interests: Hurun launches Global Rich List, 5 Chinese listed [ The average age of those on the Ten Billion Dollar Club is Moscow is home for 62 of them.

California is the state with the most number of billionaires, of which over half are from the Bay Area.

Reporters at feport annual sessions Moments of joy at 84th Academy Awards ceremony. Hurun Global Rich List 27 billionaires died, up 8 from last year.


Paris is the preferred city and is home to 36 billionaires.

Only three countries had two or more cities in the Top Inherited, but active in the business eg Yang Huiyan of Country Garden. China has five people on the list, including four from Hong Kong and one from the Chinese mainland. Average 201 is Switzerland secured 6th position with 83 billionaires, up by 6. New entrants to the Top For media inquiries, please contact: Several have contested elections and lost, including Russel Weiner of Rockstar energy drink, who ran for a hurnu in the California State Assembly in ; Jurun Lauder Rank: Guangzhou added 16 billionaires to propel it into the Top Companies that created most Billionaires.

Larry Ellison of Oracle is seeking to mine asteroids. Time efficiency and feeling of independence main reasons for buying jets.

Hurun report 2012 Aug

Chinese billionaires are pulling away from the USA for the third year running, compared with Chinese Star Signs It has been a good year for those born in the Year of the Dragon, which shot up four places to third. Hurun Self-Made Scorecard by Country.

The average lister is aged 63, one year younger than last year. Li Yanhong, chairman and founder of the search engine giant Baidu Inc, topped Forbes’ latest list of the richest people on the Chinese mainland.

Hurun Research Institute Oldest: Shanghai’s wealthiest geport revealed [ I am delighted to put out this report with Minsheng Financial Leasing, the absolute market leader, when it comes to business aviation in China.


Zong Qinghou, Wealthiest Chinese

Average age of US billionaires increased to 66, three years higher than the average age of the global list. Number of Chinese super wealth creators: Report reveals identity of city’s wealthiest residents [ Real estate stepped up from fourth to second place.

Realtor leads richest under 40 list [ Some of the billionaires including Elon Musk and Richard Branson are seriously investing into Hyperloop technology, the innovative transportation tech.

Domestically, between Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and tropical holiday destination Sanya. Top political advisory body starts annual session. It has been a good year for India too, which shot past Germany into third place.

Top – Hurun Global Rich List Most Viewed Today’s Top News. Hamburg and Bielefeld are the billionaire capitals of the country with 10 and 8 finding residence there. The most successful dog is Chinese real estate tycoon Xu Jiayin. USA is second repport China with billionaires, up 19 since last year.

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