Institute of Vehicle System Technology (FAST), Chair of Mobile .. „ Energiespeicher für mobile Arbeitsmaschinen mit Hybridantrieben,“ in 1. war die Fachtagung Hybridantriebe für mobile Arbeitsmaschinen geboren. Inzwischen findet die 4. Fachtagung statt, die sich heute als anerkanntes Forum im. Mit Strom und Sprit—Entwicklung von Hybridantrieben für mobile Arbeitsmaschinen. In: dSPACE Magazine, 2. dSPACE GmbH, Paderborn. Eckstein, L., Schmitt.

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EPA1 – Mobile Arbeitsmaschine mit Startgenerator – Google Patents

This paper gives an overview of hardware-in-the-loop simulation of power electronics and electric drives in the automotive industry. The indicated level of electric drive usability is derived from at least one of a percent battery discharge, a percent maximum torque provided by the electric driveand a percent electric drive to hybrid drive moile cost for the hybrid electric vehicle. Full Text Available This paper presents an acceleration slip regulation strategy for distributed drive electric vehicles with two motors on the front axle.

The proposed solution is validated against physical measurement using real-world user driving studies, and has been adopted to facilitate battery system design and optimization.

Now days battery fed electric drives are commonly being used for electric vehicles applications, due to various advantages, such as: Packed with case studies, this state-of-the-art handbook covers topics such as modeling, steady state, and transients as well as control, design, and testing of li.

Sweden’s industrial policy is aimed at manufacturing electrically driven heavy duty vehicles such as buses and trucks. HR Free format text: This paper describes a novel safety driving control scheme for electric power assisted wheelchairs based on the regenerative braking system. BG Free format text: Lower hybrid arbeitsmascchinen drive in the presence of electric field.

EPA1 – Antriebsstrang in einem Fahrzeug – Google Patents

The name is intended principally to convey innovation and the USP of the drive system: In at least one magnet system the two segments are connected by diametrically opposite flat fe parallel to the pole axes to form a single magnetic circuit pole housing. Lehrstuhl fuer Elektrische Maschinen und Antriebe. Ten lectures were presented on the conference ” Electric accessory drives in automobiles” subjects: The global control system proposed in this paper contain this type of MRAC estimator together with PI-control based, who ensures a good dynamic performance but in a lower complexity of structure such that are properly to implement in real time in a distributed control system with DSP in local network using the CANopen protocol with advantages in terms of software technology, as well as control cost and flexibility of use.


Strong economic growth driving increased electricity consumption.

DE4431305A1 – Omnibus – Google Patents

A new approach in teaching power electronics and electrical drives is achieved at the Flexible Drives System Laboratory FDSL from Aalborg University by using the new Total Development Environment TDE concept that allows a full visual block-oriented programming of dynamic real-time systems The detailed driving requirements and the charging The practicability of AEM static model usage in the process of synthesis of optimal control of auto power plant with traction electric drives and also choice and substantiation of its basic parameters and characteristics is demonstrated.

LV Free format text: Full Text Available Not only electrical hybrid technology is used for drivetrain of passenger cars. In a comparison of induction motors and permanent magnet synchronous motors for a variable speed pump application it is shown that for 2.

This paper presents a methodology to transform driving behavior of persons into the one of cars in order to analyze the driving pattern of electric vehicles EVs based on the National Travel Surveys. Srbeitsmaschinen Free format text: The signals given to these systems do not, however, have precedence over the protection signals of the reactor. Design of a new generation of electric drive motor for professional lawnmowers forms the basic objective of this thesis.

BE Free format text: In multiphase electric drivesthe form of the phase current at which the best possible use of the “semiconductor converter- electric drive complex” for active materials is different from the sinusoidal form.

Optimization of gear ratio and power distribution for a multimotor powertrain of an electric vehicle. In many designs the synchronous cooperation of several electric drives is required in addition to the desired dynamic properties. In this case, it is possible to get rid of the speed sensors.

Electric machines and drives have enjoyed extensive applications in the field of electric vehicles e. The concept, which makes use of a combustion engine and an all- electric power transmission with a single-wheel driveis presented, together with its components. This work is vr to the experimental working stand for electric and hybrid car drive research, which has been developed at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering FEE at CTU in Prague.


The overall objective of this case study was to use the lessons learned from Drive Electric Vermont to determine what activities are most effective at encouraging acquisitions of PEVs and deployment of charging infrastructure in small to midsize communities, prioritizing and sequencing their implementation, identifying robust means for extrapolation, and applying this understanding to other small to midsize communities across the nation.

Government needs to make sure that the planning of electricity supply in the future is in line with the economic development planning to avoid shortage in electricity supply.

EP2166254A1 – Antriebsstrang in einem Fahrzeug – Google Patents

Both degradations are apt to occur in motor drive applications. While the reaction times remained practically constant, the driving behavior of the subjects improved. AT Kind code of ref document: The authors comment that, although electrically -driven hybridamtriebe consume more power, the total primary energy consumption and pollutant emissions will be reduced.

DE DEA1 de Kind code of ref document: Multi-Motor Drives for Crane Application. A new algorithm using simulated annealing particle swarm optimization SA-PSO is proposed for parameter optimization of both the power system and control strategy of HEVs based on multiple driving cycles in order to realize the minimum fuel consumption without impairing the dynamic performance.

Electric rr and current source inverter drive system. Analytical approaches to optimizing system “Semiconductor converter- electric drive complex”.

Energy is required to meet thermal requirements. Research is focused on developing power electronics PEelectric motor, and traction drive system TDS technologies that will reduce system cost and improve their efficiency in transforming battery energy to useful work.

Electric Vehicle – Economical driving. FR Free format text: In the long run, we find a unidirectional causality from manufacturing output to electricity consumption.

A significant disadvantage of EVs is a very limited range, typically less than km. Some experiments on the practical roads and subjective evaluation show the effectiveness of the proposed control system.

The proposed model is fast to compute and accurate for analyzing battery system run-time and long-term cycle life with a focus on temperature dependent battery system capacity fading and variation.

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