On models with Hydrolastic suspension, an auxiliary coil spring is located can be carried out on the suspension or its components, the Hydrolastic system. Hydrolastic is a type of space-efficient automotive suspension system used in many cars produced by British Motor Corporation (BMC) and its. 5 days ago Most components shown below are unique to the Hydrolastic (wet suspension) system and suspension/braking systems on.

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uydrolastic If a different pressure sysem is now indicated, the system pressure should be adjusted by operating the pressure pump to raise the pressure, or opening the pressure valve on the unit to lower the pressure, until the specified figure is obtained. Same effective front-rear interconnection as Hydrolastic, but nothing much to go wrong.

Thus, they are interchangeable. When a front wheel encounters a bump fluid is transferred to the corresponding rear displacer then lowers the rear wheel, hence lifting the rear, minimising pitch associated with the bump. The essential element is a sealed container of fluid for each wheel suspension unit. Further, the public were less and less interested in the pleasures of a smooth riding car; somehow a harsh ride was associated with sportiness and performance while ride-quality became the preserve of the non-sporty.

Like the Metro that donated the underlying system, one would see many cars collapsed on their bump-stops. The reason nitrogen gas is used, is because it is an “inert” gas – it is stable and does not react with most things, nor pressure or temperature.


The main objective of using fluids, is to hydraulically link the front to the rear, to provide a more level ride. He was a practical engineer who had hand built a car in plywood and aluminium for hjdrolastic racing success, before he went on to work on rubber suspension and the Mini motor car.

Sir Alex was just under 6ft tall with large expressive hands. The same softness that allows the wheel to absorb a sharp upward variation in the road also means that cornering forces can push the body downward on the inside wheels.


Alec Issigonis hydrolaastic the drawing board. History has shown that they have a working life in the region of 15 years and more before leakage and corrosion become issues. Now I come to think of it, I have never driven a British car — especially not from a time when idea meant something.

This page sysrem last edited on 30 Octoberat Before any major work can be carried out on the suspension or its components, the Hydrolastic system must be depressurised.

Email required Address never made public. In order to flow to another unit, the fluid has to flow through a valve assembly between the two containers, and then through a long pipe to the other unit. It should be noted that, with the Hydrolastic system in the depressurised state, the suspension arms will contact the bump rubbers at both front and rear, but the car can still be driven with complete safety at speeds up to 30 mph 50 kph over metalled roads.

The pressure tank on the unit should be pumped up to the system specified working pressure before opening the connector valve, which will already have been connected to the system pressure valve.

The smoother the ride, the less energy the car will need to drive it along the tarmac. Car bodies have more than ysstem roll axis. The rot set in at BMC in so many ways. Hydragas is a type of automotive suspension system used in many cars produced by British Leyland and its successor companies.

You are commenting using your WordPress. The next question is; what happens if both front and rear units are compressed at the same time, when they’d cancel each other out? The process is reversed when the rear wheel reaches the bump, again keeping the car level.

This ground-breaking design, with its front wheel drive, transverse engine, sump gearbox, inch wheels, and phenomenal space efficiency, was still being manufactured in and has been the inspiration for almost all small front-wheel drive cars produced since the early s. The Mini went on to become the best selling British car in history with a production run of 5. In the interim, conventional suspension has made enormous strides meaning the advantages the alternatives offered were comparatively reduced.


The suspwnsion is that the floorpan stays level: The system pressures can be adjusted slightly from the specified figures to obtain the specified trim heights, but large variations will indicate wear or damage to the suspension components or body shell. Alex Moulton with his most famous designs, the Moulton cycle with full rubber suspension and the Mini’s rubber cone suspension. Hydrolaxtic aroundhe raced a supercharged “Ulster” Austin Seven, later fitting it with a front axle of his own design, leading to employment at Austin.

No rubber, which is sure to have made Dr Moulton cry.

All you students out there looking for a masters degree project, give us a call. With the lower containers being squeezed by the suspension, and no way out of the upper containers as in escape to the other end of the car the fluid’s only choice is to compress the spring, giving pretty much the same suspension action as if the spring itself was being compressed directly.

The Rover Metro’s Hydragas suspension has sealed hydraulic displacers, one at each wheel connected on each side of the car by a reinforced plastic pipe. This involved fitting a new front subframe design,with a larger diameter horizontal chamber in the subframe.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Later ‘New Series’ Moulton bicycles are fitted with rear suspensions systems marketed as ‘Hydrolastic’.

When servicing suspension bearings and joints using the rubber aystem hydrolastic and hydragas system s it is necessary to de-pressurize the fluid to effect replacements.

Conventional systems require that suspension is uniformly stiff: We would agree with him. Also rust became a given……. The Moulton Hydrolastic on the other hand relied on being pressurized at the factory, and the pressure bled off with time. Manufacturer MG Part Number:

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