Hydrotropic Solubilization. Priyanka Arjaria1, Manoj Goyal2, Suman Jain3. 1Shri Ram College of pharmacy,Banmore,Morena, India, 2IPS College of pharmacy. Purpose. This study examines the mechanism of hydrotropic solubilization using the riboflavin-nicotinamide system. The most commonly proposed mechanism. On the other hand, planarity of the hydrophobic part has been emphasized as an important factor in the mechanism of hydrotropic solubilization. Solute consists.

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Hydrotropy enhances solubility of drug by many folds with use of hydrotropes like sodium benzoate, sodium citrate, urea, niacinamide etc. International Scholarly Research Notices.

All the chemicals and reagents used were of analytical grade.

Hydrotropic solubilization of poorly water-soluble drugs.

Additives may either increase or decrease the solubility of a solute in a given solvent. Preparation of Standard Curve of Lumefantrine in 0. Enhanced solubility study of candesartan cilexitil using different hydrotropic agent. Hydrotropic agents are ionic organic salts.


Quantitative estimations of poorly watersoluble drugs by UV-Visible spectrophotometric analysis precluding the use of organic solvents. Article Information Sr No: International Journal of Pharmacy and Life Sciences ; 2 2: Journal of Pharmacy Research ; 3 3: Analysis of bulk sample of salicylic acid by application of hydrotropic solubilizationmethod.


R K Maheshwari, Mithun Singh Rajput, Sampada Sinha[23] were developed titrimetric analysis method to solubilize the slightly water soluble topical antifungal drug, benzoic acid by 1. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Various techniques have been employed to enhance the aqueous solubility of poorly water-soluble drugs. It hydrotropiic then neutralized with a base.

International Scholarly Research Notices

An excess quantity of drug was added to a series of stoppered conical flasks containing 10 ml of hydrotropic solutions until saturated solution was obtained. The peaks which were observed were in the corresponding range of standard peak for the respective functional group.

The type of anion or metal hydtotropic appeared to have a minor effect on the phenomenon. Digest Journal of Nanomaterials and Biostructures ; 5 1: View at Google Scholar T. Effect of a mixture of caffeine and nicotinamide on the solubility of vitamin B 2 in aqueous solution. Force is applied on to the sample, pushing it onto the diamond surface.

World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research ; 5 8 In the present investigation Lumefantrine, an anti malarial drug was selected as model drug for the reason it has very low water solubility of 0. Hydrotropes or hydrotropic agents are molecules having planar hydrotropic structure brought into solution by a polar group.

Jayakumar C, Deepak Kumar K, Nesakumar D, Nagendra Gandhi N[15] were performed titrimetric estimation has been developed using 2 M sodium salicylate as a hydrotropic solubilizing agent for the quantitative determination of theophylline in bulk, a sparingly water?



Nair V, Rajput Solubilizatiion. These include Potassium acetate 6. International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences ; 2 4: Introduction Various techniques have been employed to enhance the aqueous solubility of poorly water-soluble drugs. It is used in osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis; and in treatment of postoperative pain and primary dysmenorrhoea.

Pseudoephedrine Sulphate, Desloratidine shows maximum absorbance at resulting solutions were aolubilization at View at Google Scholar U. Application of mixed- hydrotropy to develop injection dosage forms of poorly water-soluble drugs.

Quantitative spectrophotometric determination of ornidazole tablet formulations using ibuprofen sodium as hydrotropic solubilizing agent. Hydrotropic solubilization technique to challenge the solubility of poorly water soluble drug valsartan. However, many hydrotropes do not solubilizwtion to self-aggregate at all, unless a solubilisate has been added.

This method could preclude the use of costly solvents in analysis.

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