Hymenocardia acida var. acida. Photo: Bart Wursten Cheringoma Escarpment, Sofala, Mozambique. Hymenocardia acida var. acida. In East Africa Hymenocardia acida is planted for erosion control; it is also a good shade tree in plantations, casting moderately light shade. Young leafy shoots of. BOTANIC DESCRIPTION. Hymenocardia acida is a small savannah tree or shrub about 9 m high. Branchlets become rusty brown as the bark peels. The bole is.

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Leaves alternate, elliptic-ovate or elliptic-lanceolate, broadly rounded or notched at the apex, dark green above, brown hairy only when young, paler below, densely covered with golden gland dots and minute domatia in the axils of the veins; margins jymenocardia somewhat rolled under. Hymenocardia acida is propagated by seed and by wildlings.

In West Africa it is chewed together with kola Cola spp. Male inflorescence a dense axillary spike up to 7 cm long, solitary or fascicled; female inflorescence a terminal few-flowered raceme up to 3 cm long, usually several together, or flowers solitary. Preliminary checklist of the plants of Botswana. Methylene chloride and methanolic stem bark and root extracts showed moderate activity against Plasmodium falciparum acidda vitro. Hymenocaria Central Africa a brownish red dye obtained from the bark is used to colour raffia work and cloth; the bark contains much tannin and is used for tanning leather.


A leaf macerate or leaf decoction is taken to treat stomach-ache, trypanosomiasis and coughs. There are citation in scholarly articles related to Hymenocardia acida Tul.

Root ash is also applied to treat toothache. Hymenocardia acida young infructescences obtained from P. Email this to a friend Print Share on facebook Tweet this. International Journal of Pharmacognosy 32 4: Free radical scavenging activity of some Nigerian medicinal plant extracts. In West and Central Africa, the wood is considered brittle, and not much used as a timber.

Scholars Research Library

From the root bark the cyclopeptide alkaloid hymenocardine was isolated. Medpharm Scientific, Stuttgart, Germany.

Dioecious, deciduous shrub or small tree up to 6 —10 m tall, often straggling; bole up to 30 cm in diameter, often stunted or contorted; bark smooth, pale brown or grey, flaking off, showing a powdery reddish to orange inner bark; upper branches spreading, lower branches drooping; young shoots short-hairy. Direct seeding hmenocardia possible. An aqueous stem bark extract showed significant anti-ulcer activity against induced gastric lesions in rats.

Shrub or small tree. There are 4 news article citations related to Hymenocardia acida Tul. Preliminary studies of the chemistry of Hymenocardia acida showed the presence of saponins.


Flora of Zimbabwe: Species information: Hymenocardia acida var. acida

In vitro antitrypanosomal activity of ethnopharmacologically selected Beninese plants. Kirkia 10 1 Page A crude root extract showed significant anthelminthic activity against the intestinal parasite Acidz contortus. Methanol extracts from the root bark exhibited moderate cytotoxic activity against 60 human cell lines of the National Cancer Institute of the United States.

The useful plants of West Tropical Africa.

Hymenocardia acida

Red data list status: Hymenocardia acida is widely distributed throughout tropical Africa, and is locally common. This development has led to increased research and an upsurge of published works in hymdnocardia related to natural products.

In East Africa Hymenocardia acida is planted for erosion control; it is also a hymenocardix shade tree in plantations, casting moderately light shade. Pharmaceutical Biology 43 1: Hymenocardia acida fruiting branch.

Powdered root in porridge is given to breast-feeding women to diminish the milk flow. Citation in scholarly articles.

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