May 19, I have the first diagnosed case of a memory condition that the scientists who have studied me termed hyperthymestic syndrome — the. May 22, Definition. What is Hyperthymesia (hyperthymestic syndrome)?. Hyperthymesia is a word derived from Greek work hyperthymesis meaning. Mar 14, Because her case is the first one of its kind, the researchers have proposed a name for her syndrome – hyperthymestic syndrome, based on the.

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On the other hand, the APA also proposes to stop using these diagnostic categories and use the name ASD as a single diagnostic category [ 7 ].

Marcus claimed, however, that her brain resembled “those of people with obsessive-compulsive disorder ” and suggested that her remarkable memory might be “the byproduct synfrome obsession”, claiming also that “the memory woman clings tightly to her past”. For this reason, the present chapter begins by reviewing the evidence for the hyperthymsstic of autistic disorder in S using criteria from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition, Text Revision DSM-IV-TR hypertbymestic the American Psychiatric Association [ 6 ] and from proposed criteria for its fifth edition [ 7 ], the chapter also compares his symptoms with those from a famous case DT with Asperger syndrome [ hyprethymesticsyndtome ].

Uses authors parameter Pages with login required references or sources CS1 errors: For now, I hope that my story is illuminating and thought provoking for readers; and helps explain the role of memory in all of our lives — as well as that of forgetting — and how our memories to such a significant degree make us who we are.

Although hyperthymestics are not autistic, and likewise savants do not memorise autobiographical information, there are certain similarities between the two conditions. Retrieved 2 December There is eidetic-like, photographic memory: But there are things you can do to improve your memory, such as:. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player. In addition, other features of neurobiological similarity between people with ASD have been observed as well as in those whose declarative memory has been significantly enhanced [ 56 ].

Retrieved from ” https: In addition, another study found that mental imagery was effective at enhancing the task hyperthgmestic relearning after brain injury [ 70 ], so sydrome imagery might be used against motor deficits secondary to faulty procedural memory [ 12 ]. Whenever I see a date flash on the television I automatically go back to that day and remember where I was and what I was doing.


They can remember that the U. Accessed May 17, I had a condition that had never before been diagnosed, and as much as I would try to explain how my memories assaulted me, my parents couldn’t really grasp the nature of what was happening.

Blessed and Cursed by an Extraordinary Memory

On the other hand, DT has also used mental imagery in order to better understand emotions. In addition, the relationship between memory and autism can be better understood if we reanalyze the life of this extraordinary individual under the light of the mnesic imbalance theory. Aurelien Hayman’s hyperthymesia explained”. The probability of these explanations dwindles as you look at the evidence.

For instance, DT memorized and recited 22, digits of pi and has an extraordinary ability to learn to speak new languages [ 9 ]; similary S had the ability to memorize long chains of digits and reproduce several stanzas of The Divine Comedy fifteen years after having read it and despite not knowing Italian.

Hyperthymesia | People With Potential

It is also open to question how far it is an all-or-none condition, or whether people can have the condition to different degrees. Social communication and interaction A: Brandon Ally and his team, at Vanderbilt UniversityNashville, Tennesseeconducted a series of tests with the subject, including a brain scan which was compared with 30 age-matched controls.

A total of six or more items from criterion A core triad are required for the diagnosis of autistic disorder, with at least two from subcriterion A1 social interactionand one each from subcriteria A2 communicative capacity and A3 behavioral flexibilitywhile each of the three subcriteria contains four items [ 6 ].

Back to Savant Articles. Reaction to sensory aspects.

Impairment in behavioral flexibility S had an encompassing preoccupation with an interest that was abnormal in intensity and focus item A3aspecifically, on very detailed and specific visual mental representations. Blessed and Cursed by an Extraordinary Memory. As I sit here trying to figure out where to begin explaining why I am writing you and your colleague, I just hope somehow you hyoerthymestic help me.

For years she remained anonymous, referred to only by initials in scientific journals while experts at the University of California-Irvine tested her ability. Apparently he showed an inflexible adherence to nonfunctional hhperthymestic item A3b.

Furthermore, stereotyped, repetitive or idiosyncratic language item A2c is integrated into subdomain B1 Behavioral stereotypies and the verbal rituals are integrated into the apparently inflexible adherence to nonfunctional routines according to the ADI-R [ 14 ].


In other words, the neologisms from S were created through semantic or perceptual association, whereas those from DT were through morphological or syntactic analysis. They’re degrees different from the usual memory champions who can memorize pi to a large degree or other long strings of numbers,” LePort noted.

At first glance, one can assume that it is quite feasible that if the proposed criteria require two symptoms instead of one on impairment in behavioral flexibility restricted, repetitive patterns of behavior, interests, or activities any individuals who actually have diagnosis of some ASD will not meet these new criteria; in addition, at present the criteria regarding the impairments in social interaction and communicative capacity are not require to be completely fulfilled.

There are some differences between the symptoms from DT and S.

9 Facts About People Who Remember Everything About Their Lives | Mental Floss

The bars represent means and the whiskers represent standard error From Zalla et al. James McGaughprofessor of neurobiology and behavior at the University of California talks about treating her rare hyperthymestic syndrome.

As with the cue-recalled test, details are written down, counted, and scored. May 2nd Reviewed: In Januarypainter and polymath Nima Veiseh was featured by the BBC for his use of hyperthymesia to create paintings that could only be produced with his ability. However, many of the questions are sourced in American culture and test results could have a strong cultural bias against non-Americans.


Diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder in Shereshevskii 2. Monday 31 December Similarly, a study of individuals with declarative hyperthymesttic deficits due to neurological damage showed that creating mental imagery of events from a personal perspective may improve episodic memory [ 69 ], therefore, people with ASD might try to improve their poor episodic memory through mental imagery.

Hyperthymesia (hyperthymestic syndrome)

I know very well how tyrannical the memory can be. In that hyperhtymestic, I don’t so much have a story of my self as I have a remarkably detailed memory of my self. However, various studies and laboratory findings reveals that person having hyperthymesia have enlarged temporal lobe and caudate nucleus.

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