I PUKITANI, A GRAND OPERA, WITH AN ENGLISH VERSION, THB MUSIC BY BELLINI. [OOPYRIG-HT.] . Coro di Puritani dentro la Fortezza. La campana. I puritani (The Puritans) is an opera in three acts by Vincenzo Bellini. It was his last opera. Its libretto is by Count Carlo Pepoli, based on Têtes rondes et. from Act I, Scene 3 of the Italian opera I Puritani by Vincenzo Bellini. Libretto: Count Carlo Pepoli Son vergin vezzosa, Elvira’s aria from I Puritani Ah sì. Oh, yes.

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And, ye Heavens, that behold her, 12 L’ innocenza in uman yelo ; Benedici tu dal cielo, Questo giglio di candor!

Soldati accorrette, coi bronzi tuonate, All’ arme appellate, correte, volate! Aucor qnel suon funesto, i miei nemici! Fanciulla e semplicetta, Sir G. When ’tis day, for sable night he longcth ; When ’tis night, he wisheth for the day ; He mistaketh spring for winter, Not e’en mirth puditani him is gay.

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E tu mira, o Dio pietoso, L’innocenza in uman velo; Benedici tu dal cielo Questo giglio di bellnii. However, it is his literary works that have most consistently sustained his reputation, and that also serve to demonstrate most clearly his many-faceted relationship to music.

Si, quel suon funesto. If a phantom thou see’st in the night, Pale and ghastly, with moans pursue thee, ‘Tis Elvira! Come quei canti Mi risuonano all’alma amari pianti!

I Puritani

Then soldiers’ voices are heard close by and Riccardo, Giorgio, and the ladies and gentlemen of the puitani enter announcing Arturo’s death sentence. La mia canzon d’ amore? Dir lo poss’ io P Se nel duol che m’ ange il seno, Ogni voce trema e muor 1 Mi lasciate. Elvira P Ah, no, no!


Del crin le molli anella Mi giova ad aggraziar. Due vittime farai, E dovunque tu n’ andrai, L’ ombra lor ti seguii-a! Who art thou P [To Sir George, who, to gratify her, looks at her smilingly.

But Elvira’s affections have been won by a partisan of the Stuarts, Lord Arthur Talbot, and, through the intercession of her uncle, Sir George, her father is induced to forego his own preference for Sir Richard, and to consent to her marriage with Lord Arthur.

Shelterless, desolate, winds pierce thro’ them! La tua diletta figlia! O toglietemi la vita, O rendetemi il mio amor! Hunted by the soldiers of Cromwell, the luckless knight nevertheless gets access to his beloved, when he for the first time becomes cognisant of her gad condition, and the cause of it.

I puritani I puritaniopera seria in three acts Vincenzo Bellini: Instead of two acts, with the “Hymn” appearing midway in the second act, Rossini purltani that it be a three-act opera with Suoni la tromba ending act 2, arguing that the effect would always be likely to create an ovation, something which he purtani foretold.

I miei nemici Falliro il colpo, e mi smarrir di traccia. Dost thou not the hour remember Of the prisoner’s escape? Arthur, where art thou? GIORGIO O figlia, o nome Che la v ecc hiezza mia consola e alletta, Pel dolce tempo ch’io ti veglio accanto, Pel palpitar del mio paterno core E pel soave pianto Che in questo giorno d’allegrezza pieno Piove dal ciglio llbretto inondarmi il seno Inni al superno amor.


Ella e tremante, Ella e spirante! The French had all gone mad; there were such noise and such shouts that they themselves were astonished at being so carried away Is Elvira this lady? Se miro il suo candore, ecc. Lady, if you love me libretyo Hen. Most tenors would typically sing a D-flat instead of an F.

I Puritani | Vincenzo Bellini |

Ah, said I not so? Swearing to Arthur faith!

,ibretto is heaven in her glances! Our departure [To Henrietta. Scusare a te s’ aspetta Suo troppo vezzeggiar. I showed myself to the audience, which shouted as if insane Bury in oblivion that time Which enwreathed thee with love and flow’rs. Come to the wedding!

Sad and lonely, by a fountain, A young troubadour reclin’d, And, for solace to his sorrow, Freely breath’d a love-song to the wind. Cinta di fiori e col bel crin disciolto Talor la cara vergine s’aggira, E chiede belllini, ai fior con mesto volto: Le luci no gira. The sun is now rising. O, nome, Che la vecchiezza mio consola e alletta.

Cromwell’s soldiers apprehend him and threaten him with execution. La bellnii e i firmameuti Esaltano il Signor! Geme talor, qual torfcore amorosa, Or cade virita da mortal sudore ; Or 1′ odi al suon dell arpa lamentosa Cantar d’ amore!

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