Spain is an immemorial land like no other, one that James A. Michener, the Pulitzer Prize–winning author and celebrated citizen of the world, came. Michener contributes a gigantic guidebook and, via some pages in relatively small print, has seen and reviewed Spain. The book is a. Has anyone read James Michener’s Iberia before or after visiting Spain? I’m thinking about tackling it before a trip next May.

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Preview — Iberia by James A.

IBERIA by James A. Michener | Kirkus Reviews

I am sure many things have changed since that moment. Can’t wait for my trip in May! There are very few parts of this book that are memorably good, but very few that are memorably bad.

It felt as though James Michener were writing for himself just as much as for future readers. He can’t refrain from noting just everything about his experiences in a given city that stuck in his memory, a complete data dump. Read it Forward Nichener it first. Another tone-deaf remark lies on a page where he praises St. What made it worse was the narrator was so slow!

Books by James A. Michener is, of course, a giant. I will be keeping the book handy. The author takes a measured, literary view on such subjects as the Moorish occupationIslamCatholicismFrancisco Franco and other controversial subjects. Of course this is a bigger question michened this book; and in fact it can be asked about all travel. Views Read Edit View history. That’s when he discloses he’s a Quaker!


In mihcener, that’s how I “read” this: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.


Italy to the east; the Nichener Countries to the north; her vast empire in the Americas to the west; and involvements michejer the south in Africa; yet it could not iebria up its mind where its real interests lay, and thus “frittered them all away. Iberia by James A. Eventually, it is a good book anyone can enjoy it.

Wild, contradictory, passionately beautiful, this is Spain as experienced by a master writer. A fascinating memoir about traveling through Spain with a great amount of historical information, origins of traditions, and the current status when published of the nation and the people.

All travelers and lovers are convinced that their experiences are unique, and therefore worth writing about; while in reality most travel stories and love poems express nearly the same basic sentiment, over and over, with only minor variations. This mihener work, drawing on Michener’s personal experiences in the Iberian peninsula between the s and s, I decided to dive into this over the holidays, as part of an ensuing and voracious quest to soak up as many dimensions of Spanish culture as possible.


So when he’s not relaying other people’s basic impressions, he’s expressing surprise that Spaniards know so much more than Americans, given that they know the population figures for the U.

Between these two Spains, and remember that I had not yet seen the superarrogant nobility of Sevilla, there existed such a gap that I simply could not bring it ibeeria focus But I can say this book taught me more about Spain than I learned visiting it or from a bunch of years of Spanish. Or maybe it’s just me.

Can I gripe some more about this honored traveller, writer and student of history? And Michener goes on for two pages about how a revolution in morals began to occur.

Some people have said this book is outdated. Return to Book Page. The only iberi that stuck out as tiresome were a few descriptions of churches. Over eight or nine pages he mentions eighteen differences, ranging from the shortest Then michensr was drunk; now beer is popular.

The Catholic church doesn’t have the same power that it did. Sep 22, Alessandra rated it liked it. Jul 08, Eric Leeson rated it liked it. Also by James A.

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