Library device identification: IBM TL IBM Ultrium 7 (LTO-7) drive support requires IBM Spectrum Protect version or subsequent maintenance release. Machine SEO/Part Description type Model number TS Tape Library Driveless 2UL UL TS Tape Library Driveless The IBM System Storage TS Tape Library Express Models L3S and F3S are designed to offer high capacity, performance and.

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This helps improve performance if a subsequent append overwrites somewhere after the first filemark, and helps prevent having to rewrite data sets containing customer data and the first filemark if such an append occurs. The TS Tape Library operating environment must not conflict with media operating and storage requirements. Individual application vendors should be contacted for specific information and availability dates.

The following terms are trademarks of Lenovo in the United States, other countries, or both: An Encryption Key Manager component be available to the Windows system. This autonomic self-optimizing capability is called load balancing. If a path or component fails, the failover mechanism is designed to automatically provide error recovery to retry the current operation using an alternate, preconfigured path without aborting the 3573tl job in progress. One of the following is required: Additional data and cleaner cartridges are optional and need to be ordered, as needed.

Family 3573+01 IBM System Storage TS3100 Tape Library Express Model L2U

It is designed to give you flexibility of tape library management and unattended save, archive, or restore operations. Capacity and performance requirements Data protection, reliability, and availability Storage usage and application requirements Affordability Loyalty to legacy or existing tape formats Work environment – limited space The TS Tape Library and storage management applications help address these requirements and constitute a functionally rich tape storage solution incorporating LTO Ultrium tape technology.


For you, this dedication provides a high-quality, easy, and positive financing experience.

Up to TB native; up to TB compressed with 2. This method uses the surface of the tape rather than the edges to control tape motion. Servo and Track Layout Technology: The high-bandwidth servo system features a low-mass servo to help more effectively track servo bands and improve data throughput with damaged media in less-than-optimal shock and vibration environments.

Adaptive read equalization – The drive is designed to automatically compensate for dynamic changes in readback signal response.

A remote management unit and a barcode reader are standard in the library, allowing the library to run in sequential or random access mode. No Charge Minimum number of features: There is a 1 GB internal data buffer in the Ultrium 6 full-high tape drive and a MB internal data buffer in the Ultrium 6 half-high tape drive.

Data cartridges are sold separately and subject to availability. One Initial order only: IBM maintains the latest levels of System Storage tape drive and library device drivers and documentation on the Internet. It includes a 50 micron fibre cable 2 meters in length with a SC duplex female adapter on one end that can connect to a 50 micron Fibre Channel cable with a SC duplex ib connector and a LC duplex 3573-gl connector on the other end for connection to a LC duplex adapter.

With the addition of the standard ivm code reader, the TS can be operated as a random access tape library with labeled media. This helps provide flexibility in SAN configuration, availability, and 3573-ttl. Data path failover and load balancing for Ultrium Tape Drives require the optional path failover feature.


It is designed to give you flexibility of tape library management and unattended save and restore operations.

IBM TS and TS Tape Libraries for Lenovo Product Guide (withdrawn product) > Lenovo Press

They will also be available from the following Web site: We finance your entire solution. Storage and tape management is provided by software such as Tivoli Storage Manager and other compatible software offerings.

The Ultrium 7 Tape Drive power management function is designed to control the drive electronics to be either completely turned off or in low-power mode when the circuit functions are not needed for drive operation. It also can provide each logical library its own separate and distinct drives, storage slots, and control paths.

The device driver starts error recovery and continues the operation on the alternative control path without interrupting the application.

The following table lists supported cable options. Rack mount mm 6. This helps reduce the number of backhitch repositions and improve throughput performance. An Encryption Key Manager component be available to the Linux system. The Device Driver ftp site will be sunset June The tape itself in an advanced metal particle tape developed for durability and capacity.

Plant or Field Prerequisites: These cartridges have been designed to provide several enhancements over previous tape technologies. The TS Tape Library has two removable cartridge magazines, one on the left side and one on the right side, providing 24 data cartridge slots.

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