Documentation Index. ICEfaces Logo. Release Notes. ICEfaces Release Notes. Getting Started Guide. ICEfaces Getting Started Guide (Pdf). ICEfaces Documentation. Added by Deryk Sinotte, last edited by Ken Fyten on Feb Building and Running ICEfaces with Ant ยท Key Concepts. Click here to see the current ICEfaces release documentation (3.x). The ICEfaces Component Suite includes enhanced implementations of the JSF standard.

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Several web development products, libraries, and component suites allow you to build rich, interactive portlets. For reference, the complete taglib documentation for this component is available here. The following is a sample code snippet of a portlet declaration with the specific ICEfaces information added:. Define the variable on the backing bean that will be displayed using this chart. The intuitive user interface in the client side manipulates the state of the tree as one may expect i.

Documentatkon stylesheets were designed with web applications in mind. Resourceas the basic example below. Then this component is marked as requiredthe main input field receives the CSS class ui-state-requiredotherwise, it receives the CSS class ui-state-optional.

JSF-based solutions can hook into the implementation in incompatible ways. Additionally some installs of these browser return inexplicable negative dimension values in Javascript documentarion rendering an ace: Request-scoped beans are scoped to the requests for the individual portlet.

This makes the portability of JSF portlets a challenge. Custom request attributes can be specified as space separated strings in com.

HELPare still supported but have been deprecated. The process of developing and deploying portlets to the various portal containers is vendor-specific iefaces you should be familiar with the platform you are using.


Once docukentation is done and an instance is initialized, the component is added to the page, specifying this Resource instance, as well as other attributes that specify the way the resource is delivered.

Enables use of a NodeStateCreationCallback, which lazily initializes the component NodeStates based on a given node data object.

ICEfaces 4 API Documentation – ICEfaces – Community Wiki

Use only to read input char. For reference, the complete taglib documentation for this component is available here. The converse is also true, all changes in the state of the tree made programmatically in the server side are reflected in the client side as well.

For example, the style, portlet-form-button, is a style name that is used to determine the style of the text on a button. Any character not in the definitions list will be automatically entered for the user as they type.

ICEfaces 2.x-3.x Documentation

There are considerations for each. If you downloaded the source code distribution of ICEfaces, then you can build all the samples by running:. Must be an array of chart. Issues that are specific to ICEfaces running on a specific portal implementation are covered in the following sections. However, the component’s internal methods and variables can be accessed in this way, including the underlying jQuery object and objects from underlying Javascript libraries if applicableand can be used for whatever purpose a developer might have in mind.

If you mix ICEfaces portlets on a portal page with these traditional portlets, you’ll get the behavior of the lowest common denominator. Listener method that will be notified when a new value has been set for this input component.


Chart – ICEfaces – Community Wiki

The old ones, com. There are no CSS classes in use in this component. The custom class names and styling specified in styleClass and style are applied on the a or input element, depending on the value of the type attribute.

Printed by Atlassian Confluence 2.

Currently, all interactive types of actions are handled by the ICEfaces framework directly and are therefore never handled by the portal container. The application-scoped bean is only created once and that single instance is referenced by both portlets. The last rule specifies the plus sign inside documenattion circle.

To maintain this data, ICEfaces makes use of the standard servlet and portlet APIs to get and store things like attributes in its own internal structures. This behavior can undermine the benefits of using ICEfaces in your portlet documentatiom.

When running in a portlet environment, ICEfaces extended components render the portlet specific style classes by default. The following markup represents the basic HTML structure of the component. Otherwise a compatibility library is used which doesn’t support this functionality. Even though we have a single faces-config. The ICEfaces portlet component is designed to behave unobtrusively in icefacs regular web application.

We also provide a build of Component Showcase that can be deployed in a portal container. Application-scoped beans, together with AJAX Push, can be used to do a form of inter-portlet communication. This component supports built-in labels.

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