The year saw the most severe influenza season since national reporting of influenza began in Early in the season the National Incident Room was. northern hemisphere (November to April ). Between October and January , influenza was reported in Africa, the. This report summarises information on seasonal influenza rates in the EU/EEA for eight influenza seasons (– to –).

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However, many problems subsist. The key findings are summarized here.


Rate estimates are preliminary and are subject to change as data are finalized. What can be done to protect children from flu-associated illness and death? The proportion of H1 strains of repprt circulating varied across Australia but was higher than in most jurisdictions. During the season, 47 deaths in children were reported to CDC. Accessed 13 June News Low uptake of seasonal influenza vaccination in Europe may ufluenza2007 capacity to protect people in next pandemic press release – 7 Feb To protect vulnerable individuals and reduce transmission, vaccination is also recommended for healthcare workers.

Of the 27 responding countries, 22 recommended that HCWs should be vaccinated for the —08 influenza season. Early in the season the National Incident Room was activated to provide effective national surveillance, reporting and ifulenza2007 of the seasonal influenza outbreak.


Antiviral agents in development include a new neuraminidase inhibitor and completely novel classes of antiviral drugs with new molecular targets. Awareness of and attitudes to sexually transmissible infections among gay men and other men who have sex with men in England: The Institute of Medicine reported on the modeling process and its evaluation [ 35 ].

None of the oseltamivir-resistant influenza A H1N1 viruses identified during the season were resistant to adamantanes. During the season, 46 deaths in children were reported to CDC.

Related articles in Web of Science Google Scholar. With this information, they repory which three viruses are most likely to make the most people sick during the next flu season. Accessed 23 April In this study, all formulations were well tolerated and were immunogenic, even after only 1 dose in some individuals.

Flu-associated deaths in children defined as persons aged 18 years and younger first became a nationally notifiable condition during the flu season and are reported through the Irluenza2007 Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System NNDSS.

Annual report of the National Influenza Surveillance Scheme, 2007.

Six countries Hungary, Germany, Greece, Iceland, the Netherlands and Portugal recommended that people aged 60 years or older get vaccinated —15while for the —08 season, only three Iceland, Greece and Germany of 27 countries made such a recommendation.

Potential conflicts of interest. The clinical morbidity of the infection in terms of complications or most affected groups cannot be determined but anecdotal reports indicate this season may have impacted young adults more than is usual. Effectiveness and cost-benefit of influenza vaccination of healthy working adults: Accessed 24 June The availability of mechanical ventilators illustrates this point effectively. No resistance to oseltamivir was identified among the influenza A H3N2 or influenza B viruses tested.


Vaccine Safety For Clinicians: Thus, this system does not allow for an estimation of the number of deaths, only the relative severity among different influenza seasons.

Annual report of the National Influenza Surveillance Scheme,

It enabled the current state of our surveillance systems to be assessed and opportunities for improvement to be identified. State and territorial epidemiologists report the geographic distribution of influenza in their state through a weekly influenza activity code. No state reported widespread influenza activity during the weeks ending April May 17, weeks CDC continued to monitor this situation closely and frequently updated information on circulating strains and public health and public education guidance based on this information throughout the season.

It usually takes about two weeks after the second dose for protection to begin.

How severe was the flu season?

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