The IGCT is a gate-controlled turn-off switch which turns off like a transistor but conducts like a thyristor with the lowest conduction losses. Figure 1 shows turn- off. Basic design rules and handling / application recommendations for IGCT Gate Units .. The connector X1 is specified in the corresponding IGCT data sheet. mm. Height h. ± mm. 41 mm. Width IGCT w. ± mm. mm. 1) Maximum rated values indicate limits beyond which damage to the device may occur.

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IGCT (Integrated Gate-Commutated Thyristor)

This report describes dataasheet on-going effort to define a process for developing a multi-level, rule-based design specification for naval ship electrical systems that can be implemented in the smart ship system design S3D enviroment. It has been estimated [1] that, on average, approximately tons of waste heat is rejected from an Arleigh Burke class warship. Learn more I agree.

This report shows that the VVS can perform at frequencies higher than its rated 60 Hz, but not without certain limitations, such as filter capacitor current levels. Power electronics converters of the megawatt class need to be characterized regarding their capacitive, inductive, resistive and radiative coupling to the ground plane.

Use of igt correlations requires intrinsic thermo-physical property data, such as density, specific heat, kinematic viscosity, thermal conductivity, coefficient of thermal expansion, etc. The igch aspect was the development of a set of component models in mathematical form. The software infrastructure for operation and control of the 5 MW variable voltage source at CAPS had to be upgraded to ensure continued support and improved controls development and implementation environment.

This ability to manage technological change has helped achieve superior capability. The motivation behind this design approach is threefold. The overall control of the inverter module contains a voltage control loop and a synchronous current regulator SCR.

ESRDC | Electric Ship Research and Development Consortium)

Furthermore, some of the issues cited for special purpose computers would likely prevail with the FPGA alternative. The system structure is very similar to that of the induction motor and the employed control algorithm is also very close to that used in the motor controller.


Note, that while SCR-type converters can interrupt fault currents at the next zero crossing of the AC current significant transients remain on the DC side. The brushless exciter machine rotor voltage is rectified — which in turn supplies the field current to the synchronous machine. A synchronous current regulator shown in Figure 4, uses the current command from the voltage control loop and actively regulates the fundamental component of the current so the command is exactly achieved.

The PS consists of a transformer, a 3-phase controlled rectifier, and a low pass filter to reduce the noise on the output depicted in Fig.

They have igft use, for example, in control systems. The notional ship is a nominal MW, 10, ton displacement surface combatant, using data compiled from open source documentation.

Integrated gate-commutated thyristors (IGCT) | ABB

The model represents the client part of a symmetrical linking model. The component models are highly simplified abstractions of shipboard power system components. It can be omitted at the price of a somewhat reduced turn-off current capability. Today, datashee, it is not possible to conduct the required simulations of large shipboard models due to the length of time required to complete the solution when using commercial software and desktop computers.

It is impossible to capture the full breadth and depth of the research in this one report, so instead the report content has been developed to provide a detailed insight into some of the achievements in illustrative areas. The second reason for the creation of highly simplified model is for the sake of computational speed, so that system simulations based on the component models will run at speeds compatible with the needs datashet by exploring the system behavior under a large variety of conditions.

The task will take advantage of the infrastructure at FSU-CAPS to facilitate the proposed component technology development and prototype testing and validation with the systems view in focus.

The principal focus of the study performed under this project was to provide the ship architect with information and tools for completing steps dataheet and 5 for the design of the baseline MVDC ship electrical system. Documentation, User Guide, and Model Validation.


Then, several design variants were developed to explore the impact of alternative topologies and advanced materials. For the purposes of brevity and because of the resources available, model validation results are not presented herein.

Indication of relative vulnerability of certain sections, components and subsystems to focus studies on their respective faults and failures An understanding of the need for detailed hardware information which would eventually lead to a more exhaustive hardware FMEA H-FMEA.

Dynamic Reconfiguration of Ship Power Systems – As shown, this component consists of an input capacitor, a 3-phase fully controlled bridge converter, an output LC filter, and the control algorithms. A number of interface algorithms have been identified in the literature, such as those described in [1], for example. The Department of Defense has learned to exploit this rapid change in technology even though it does not fit well with its budget or procurement cycles.

Navigate Search Login layouts-flyoutmenu-cart. Voltage regulation is achieved through a combination of the feedback and feed forward control paths that are shown in Figure 2. Developing and testing of such algorithms is even more important at higher power levels since a inherent latencies in high power PHIL amplifiers are significantly higher than latencies in low power amplifiers and b risks and cost of damages to devices under test or amplifier due to instabilities caused by inadequate PHIL are higher at higher power levels.

Such a description is advantageous in that it is language independent. A diagram of the voltage control loop is shown in Figure 3. The switching waveform without transients is obtained according to the circuit behavior, the duty cycle inputs, and the frequency parameters.

Integrated gate-commutated thyristors (IGCT)

VTB-Matlab interface uses and requires a registered copy of Matlab to be loaded onto the host computer. Please make changes in the Word version of this document using track changes. Show on map Hide map.

Unfortunately, this aspect of the effort was only partially successful. Multicore systems provide promise for continued improvement and are commercially available for decreasing cost.

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