Official 9Mm Makarov Pistol Manual [James Gebhardt] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. FREE UPGRADE TO PRIORITY MAIL, Brand New. If you think you have a Hungarian or Polish Makarov, check the other pistol page. .. That is, the commercially produced Baikal IJ with a rear target sight does not qualify under the Also, there’s a disassembly guide on the tech info page. Information, pictures, and discussion of Makarov autoloading pistols. IJ70 Manual Scan · Downloads · Other 9×18 Pistols · So Do I Have a Makarov or Not?.

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See also the discussion on Bulgarian Makarov above. As the effects of the voluntary trade restrictive agreement with Russian become apparent, the Russian Makarovs are beginning to be less ubiquitous.

They may be loose at the base, but our makarog is that they work flawlessly. We used to offer a replacement fixed rear sight for Russian Makarovs, but these are now out of production. Check out Walt Cude’s site his book is excellent. SKS rifles are another story, although I suspect this is also largely due to, what we call in computer support, “user error. Although not scientifically done, I am satisfied that my firearm, at least, won’t discharge by dropping.

Makarov Gun Manuals for sale | eBay

Note that you can now buy aftermarket replacement barrels in both 9x18M and. While this is a somewhat subjective question, there are some guidelines. Aug 7, 6. Here is a scanned manual Makarov. Manuap PM has a free-floating triangular firing pinwith no firing pin spring or firing pin block.

Baikal Manuals ( IJ 70 )

Surplus ammo is typically Berdan primed and often steel cased. Makarov Forum and Message Board on Gunboards. Note that Norinco and some other surplus rounds have steel jacketed bullets and thus are often prohibited at indoor ranges. So if you made the unfortunate mistake of buying a.


Also, the Tokarev pistols omitted a safety and magazines were deemed too easy to lose. Log in or Sign up.

AB 19 and KO 19 are two different pistols. We also have a Baikal instruction manual on-line. See our online Shopping cart for more options. Archived from the original on 24 November In any case, keep the firing pin clean and lightly lubricated.

Probably the best quality are the Falco custom-molded holsters. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Also take a look at the picture of how to remove the slide.

The Russians are the only ones that are “high-capacity” and have round double-stack magazines. The adoption of the future AK assault rifle relegated the pistol to a light, handy self-defence weapon. Fire 9×18 M from a 9×18 M pistol. The stamped sheet steel slide-lock lever has a tail serving the purpose makaroc ejector. Thanks, still hoping I get a response from them. Well, that’s exactly the problem I don’t know what the difference is between ‘Bailal’ and B-West; which was the importer in my case, but it is for the IJA.

Bulgarian Makarovs mamarov often made by Arsenal and this should be engraved on the slide and frame.

In our opinion, they were hurried onto the market and some engineering was left unfinished, particularly in the magazine. Iaco Saca means International Arms co. The cross-sectional picture gives a better look at how the pistol is put together.

The sear spring also serves another function, powering the slide lock lever. I have yet to have the first jam in this mag now. The first two letters are the Production series, the next two digits are the Year code, see list below. First of all there are the true surplus guns, which are recognizable by their fixed rear sight and a lack of any non-cyrillic markings including “Made in Russia.


Makarov pistol

Retrieved 5 July The Makarov is an extremely robust gun that doesn’t really have a weak point like the CZ’s brittle firing pin. You can also change the barrel and you gun will now im-70 9x18M.

It was not very detailed. I makraov talked to a number of Mak owners since my first email, and no one has heard of such a faulty discharge. I was able to find a good quality manual online for the old Remington rifle, but, so far, I have only been able to find a relatively low-quality “instruction booklet” for the Makarov at Makarov.

You can usually spot these by the bifurcated triangle with circle marking. The breech face is deeply recessed in order to aid in extraction and ejection reliability. Rubber Replacement Grips for the Makarov Pistol.

This website will be updated and new content added as time allows. Again, we carry manal and customers have found them to work well with the Makarov. Under the project leadership of Nikolay Fyodorovich Makarovit became the Soviet Union ‘s standard military and police side arm in Aug 7, 8.

Think about reloading 9x18M. In blowback designs, the only force holding the slide closed is that of the recoil spring; upon firing, the barrel and slide do not have to unlock, as do locked-breech-design manuxl. Magazines, grips, barrels, parts, etc.

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