Yes, you can add some code to your Web pages that makes it that our friend ImageMagick is terrific at creating these watermarks in a variety. Basically, all that you need to add a watermark to an image is the compositeImage method from an image object. This method allows you to. Need to protect your image files with watermarks? Learn what makes an effective watermark and use the Imagick extension to easily add one to.

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It ensures the watermark will be rendered correctly, and I suspect it should be faster. August 29, at 3: NorthEast -gravity northeast rings. The more classical method of making the annotated imagemxgick more visible is to ‘dim” the image in the area the text will be added, then draw the text in watermarrk opposite color. Is there a shorthand way to do this same thing without having to save the file three separate times?

Here’s a quick python script based on the ImageMagik suggestion.

Annotating — IM v6 Examples

Command line processing -geometry. As a final example I will overlay a text string created using a fancy soft outlined font to make sure it remains visible, but without creating a rectangular box for the annotation. I hope you don’t mind my editing your post – delete it if you wish – but here is how a single command might look that does the same all in one go:.

Labeling on top of the Image itself Finally, the watermark should have contrast. I recommend using ImageMagickwhich is open source and quite standard for manipulating images on the command line. In this example, the method accepts four parameters: That should work, but it might imagejagick simpler and possibly faster to just do one “convert” with several “-draw image You can use whatever direction you want, e.

Instead you can prepare very complex font image, either before-hand, so you can apply it many times, or on the fly on a per image basis. It does provide a very simple way to add labels an image. Before IM version 6, the options ” -watermark ” and ” -dissolve ” were broken with their handling of the alpha channel transparency for the overlaying image, producing some very strange effects.


For this you will likely want a border that is larger in one direction typically at the the bottom of the imagewhere the watermark can be added. However as the ” -stroke ” font setting adds thickness to a font both inward and outward, reducing its effectiveness See Stroke and StrokeWidth for more information. You can read more about the different ways to specify color on the ImageMagick website: Though you could make something like this completely in ImageMagick if you desired.

It ‘the first time you use this library, usually I used gd but not having installed php on my PC using linux I needed something to terminal to automate the insertion of a logo on the images. Append a Label with centering is now possible, from IM v6. Command line options -fill. Of course in that case you may want to make the watermark even less intrusive. Is it possible to go one step further and add a logo watermark?


June 12, at 8: If you are interested in annotating or watermarking a GIF animation, I suggest you first look though this document, then jump to Annotating GIF Animationsto start you watemark.

Overlaying is probably the most common form of image annotation, and is very simple to do. This is exactly as wateermark but tiled over the image with a even lower dissolve value. What im looking for is just some basic transparent text overlaying across each image.

So in this example I am wdd a 20 pixel border left and right, and an 18 pixel border top and bottom. On acd of ” -geometry ” of the compose overlay, individual images can also have a page or canvas information set using ” -page ” and ” -repage ” optionsthat can effect the final position of the images. Don’t forget to follow us on your favorite social network Enjoying this article? February 17, at 2: I tried your suggestion and it works great. There are many, likeit would be possible to add it at all?


When I run this watermarm watermark. For a border type watermark, the copyright notice or contact details are printed in a border round the image, rather than overlaying the image itself. It may not be necessary to repeat the second and third -geometry. Examples In the following examples we’ll show examples of how of how to add a watermark to an image using the following watermark the watermark could be logo of Our Code World too: The problem with writing text directly on a picture is that you can’t be sure the text will be readable qdd the color you have chosen.

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Imagine a friend of yours approaches you one day and would like you to build her a website so she can showcase her photography. Thanks for take some of your time to report this article.

Adam Ellis 73 8. You would need to save the script as watermark. Is this possible with irfanview??

This page tries to present the common methods used. You can of course make your source image overlay larger than the background image you are overlaying, as the result will be the size of the background or destination image. The compose arguments persist until changed, so I don’t repeat them. Click image to view actual image output.

If using an SVG image as the watermark you need to add -background none to the command to stop a white background being applied to the SVG, and also add the height the SVG should be resized to in pixels e. The annotation may be bold and highly visible, or subtle and hidden. The ” -tile ” option above only works for compose operations using the ” composite ” command.

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