ImmunoCAP® ISAC and Microtest for multiplex allergen testing in people with difficult to manage allergic disease: a systematic review and cost analysis. A combination of innovative biochip technology with cutting edge research in molecular allergology has resulted in ImmunoCAP® ISAC – the most advanced in. The immuno-solid phase allergen chip (ISAC) test (Thermo Fisher ImmunoCAP ISAC) is a microarray assay system designed to assay specific.

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Systematic review methods Results of the assessment of clinical effectiveness assessment. Results were summarised immunocqp. Additional data, relating to the study by Hermansson et al. Certain tests have specimen requirements that differ for specimens shipped from New York state. Applications for commercial reproduction should be imminocap to: Candidate search terms were identified from target references, browsing database thesauri e.

However, when ISAC was used to measure the same component as single IgE testing or to measure multiple components homologous proteinswith a positive test defined as any component positive, it appeared that equivalent sensitivities could be achieved without corresponding loss of specificity.

Diagnostic accuracy of ImmunoCAP Immuno Solid-phase Allergen Chip, compared with other testing options, for the prediction of allergic response Study details Six studies 414244464749 were usac which immunicap the accuracy of ImmunoCAP ISAC to existing diagnostic tests SPT or single IgE tests in people with food allergies; two studies 4345 were identified of people with allergies to aeroallergens.

This work was produced by Westwood et al. All potentially relevant studies cited in documents supplied by the test manufacturers had already been identified by bibliographic database searches.

Allergen Panel, IgE by ImmunoCap ISAC

No studies were identified which investigated clinical outcomes. Show details Health Technology Assessment, No.

Two studies 3738 assessed the views of clinicians on whether or not ImmunoCAP ISAC testing provided information useful in the management of patients. This work was produced by Westwood et al. One study 47 was reported only as a conference abstract. Eight studies investigated diagnostic accuracy; none was conducted in people with difficult to manage allergic disease. The applicability of studies to current UK practice was also considered and imumnocap narrative description of potential applicability issues is provided.


Noimark and Harnik 40 did not report the number of food reintroductions that occurred following testing or clinical outcomes of any changes to dietary management. Health Technology Assessment, Izac.

Specimen type to collect. The searches of bibliographic databases and conference abstracts identified references. The results of individual studies are summarised in text and tables. The comparator for this assessment was current standard care, which included allergy-focused clinical history, alternative tests of IgE antibody status single IgE antibody testingtests of clinical reactivity such as skin prick lsac or allergen challenge testing or a immunocwp of these approaches.

Dec 22 reply retweet favorite 1 week ago. Of the 15 included studies, four were funded by, 3846 or received reagents and consumables 39 or testing services 45 from, the manufacturer.

ISAC Test: 112 Allergy Tests in one tiny blood sample!

Quality assessment was undertaken immunoacp one reviewer and checked by a second reviewer MW and SL and any disagreements were resolved by consensus.

Show details Health Technology Assessment, No. The sensitivities and specificities of the individual components ISAC 50 components were not reported. To assess the effects on clinical outcomes e.

See Appendix 1 for all search strategies. Unacceptable Conditions Ambient specimens. Conclusions No recommendations for service provision can be made based on the analyses included in this report. In general, individual ISAC components tended to have high specificity, but low sensitivity, relative to whole-allergen single IgE tests or Immunocpa for the prediction of allergic response.

ImmunoCAP ISAC 112 and Microtest for multiplex allergen testing

The results of the quality immubocap have been used for descriptive purposes to provide an evaluation of the overall quality of the included studies and to provide a transparent method of recommendation for design of any future studies.

Your results will be ready in about 2 weeks we aim for 7 days. Please try again later. Owing to the paucity of available data, studies conducted in populations not specified as polysensitised or having difficult to manage allergic disease were also included. Further details of the excluded full papers and the reasons for exclusion can be found in Appendix 4. Full details of funding are reported inmunocap the baseline study details tables see Appendix 2Tables A—C.


No studies of this type were identified. A systematic review was conducted to summarise the immunocp on the clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of ImmunoCAP ISAC and Microtest for multiplex allergen testing in people with allergic disease. Please review our privacy policy.

You will receive a sample collection pack from the lab as shown in video or if you opted for a collection in London you can attend the lab with printed request form for sample collection the request form will be sent by e-mail after your payment.

Sensitivity and isad estimates for individual grass pollen ISAC components were not reported. Phadia AB, Uppsala, Sweden. To assess the accuracy of multiplex allergen immunoczp in predicting clinical reactivity and to investigate whether or not multiplex allergen testing can provide diagnostic information additional to that provided by current standard care in the UK [clinical history, skin prick tests SPTssingle IgE testing].

The clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of using multiplex allergen testing in the investigation ksac people with difficult to manage allergic disease have yet to be adequately investigated.

Remind me later Don’t remind me again. Assessment of cost-effectiveness Four economic analyses and 14 health-related quality of life studies were included in the literature review. Additional searching was performed for grey literature, three trial registries and seven conference proceedings. The results of the only study to investigate serial testing suggested that use of ImmunoCAP Kmmunocap after single IgE testing only in participants who were negative on single IgE could increase sensitivity relative to single IgE alone without any loss in specificity.

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