Redemptionis Sacramentum. The Sacrament of Redemption. A Summary Guide. This is an unofficial summary and guide to the Instruction. Redemptionis sacramentum is the title of an instruction on the proper way to celebrate Mass in the Roman Rite and, with the necessary adjustments, in other. Redemptionis Sacramentum / Instruction on Certain Matters to Be Observed or to Be Avoided Regarding the Most Holy Eucharist [Congregation For Divine.

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Lk 22,18; Code of Canon Lawcan. The Diocesan Bishop [] 5. By providing this link, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops assumes no responsibility for, nor does it necessarily endorse, the website, its content, or sponsoring organizations.

In fact, no redemptjonis similar practices should be introduced, nor should unconsecrated hosts ever be used for this purpose. Book of Blessings, editio typica, 31 MayGeneral Introduction, n. Where it happens that some of the Priests who are present do not know the language of the celebration and therefore are not capable of pronouncing the parts of the Eucharistic Prayer proper to them, they should not concelebrate, but instead should attend the celebration in choral dress in accordance with the norms.

AAS 59 pp. Code of C anon Law25 Januarycan. In this case the celebration must be in a decent place.

It is to be completely excluded where even a small danger exists of the sacred species being profaned. Scriptural readings are to be chosen according to the norms and non-biblical readings are never to be substituted. Appointment of Extraordinay Ministers of Holy Communion. AAS 62 pp.


“Redemptionis Sacramentum”, a problematic answer to liturgical abuse

Should the priest regularly go to the tabernacle before the distribution of Holy Communion? Particular Celebrations carried out in the Absence of a Priest [ AAS 95 p. Redemptionis sacramentum is the title of an instruction on the proper way to celebrate Mass in the Roman Rite and, with the necessary adjustments, in other Latin liturgical rites. Congregation for Divine Worship, Instruction, Liturgicae instaurationesn.

Instruction Redemptionis Sacramentum

AAS 59 p. AAS 76 p. The Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion [] 2.

When there is no priest redemptionos deacon, the person who presides is only one among equals; he does not enter the sanctuary, not does he greet intruccin bless the people. Sacrosanctum Conciliumn. Congregation for Divine Worship, Instruction, Liturgicae instaurationes, n.

The document does re-emphasize, however, the mandate of the Second Vatican Council some forty years ago that the full, conscious, and active participation of the laity is the goal to be considered before all else in the reform of the sacred liturgy.

Eucharistic Congresses and Eucharistic Processions [ Instruction Redemptionis Sacramentum This Instruction is dated 25 March and was published at www. Yet God has not granted us in Christ redemptkonis illusory liberty by which we may do what we wish, but a liberty by which we may do that which is fitting and right.

AAS 79 p.

In exposition the consecrated host is displayed in a monstrance. Other Abuses [] 4. AAS 81 p.

The abuse that has prevailed in some places, by which this rite is unnecessarily prolonged and given undue emphasis, with laypersons also helping in contradiction to the norms, should be redemptiojis with all haste.


Missale Romanum, Institutio Generalis, n. This is naturally to be done in truth and charity. With regard to its content, the Instruction does no more than reassert the liturgical norms in force.

In the last chapter, abuses are identified in relation to their gravity, with a reminder that even lesser abuses should not be glossed over. Whenever such associations assume an international character, it pertains to the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments to erect them and to approve their statutes. Whenever such associations are international in nature, it pertains to the competence of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments to establish them or to approve sacraentum revise their statutes.

This is undoubtedly a radical antidote to abuses.

Overview of the «Redemptionis Sacramentum» Instruction

Missale Romanum, Ordo Missae, n. For its part, this Congregation, on the strength of the faculties given to it by the Roman Pontiff, according to the nature of the case, will assist the Ordinary, granting him the necessarydispensations [] or giving him instructions or prescriptions, which he is to follow diligently. In the same way, if we rede,ptionis use the “liturgical medication”, mankind won’t be able to heal its spiritual wounds.

The Eucharistic Prayer [ However the Roman Missal, n. AAS 40 p. Code of Canon Law, cann.

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