View and Download Intermec CK30 user manual online. CK30 Handhelds pdf manual download. View and Download Intermec CK30 quick start manual online. Oracle-Ready. CK30 Handhelds pdf manual download. View and Download Intermec CK30 user manual online. Handheld Computer. CK30 Handhelds pdf manual download.

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You must fully charge the main battery before you canuse the CK Youcan do this in one of the following ways: Chapter 2 — Configuring the CK30 Note: L2CAP connection between two Bluetooth devices.

Intermec CK30 User Manual – Page 1 of |

S Select Menu Settings to configure the contents of this menu. The shift keys are Contact your Intermec representative for more information about ID numbers. The lights blink onetime each and then they blink five times each. The tables are organized according to theoptions in the Configuration Utility. Configuring the CK30 Use this chapter to understand how to configure the CK30 to communicate in your ckk30.

If you choose TLS: Your CK30 performs a cold boot and returns all of your settings to the factory default settings. Trakker Antares communications dock application, 79 AD1 accessory, copy files AD2 accessory, to CK30 using ActiveSync, 84 configuration, default settings, using File Manager, 93 configuration commands copyright information, xiv bar codes, scanning to configure, 39 CPU Monitor, diagnostics screen, interme.

Most major companies, trade associations, and the federal gov- ernment find this code to fit their needs. In the console, you can right-click a CK30 and a menu appears. Page 43 Chapter 2 — Configuring the CK30When using the Configuration Utility, you may not see aparameter until you enable or disable a value for another keyfield. Backing Up Your Files Menu. The Bluetooth menu appears: The following key sequences are based on the SIP keyboards unless otherwise noted.


Specifications Temperature and Humidity Specifications Operating temperature: You manusl only use this accessory with a CK30 that has either the 1D linear imager or the 2D imager. Entry Mode Description Literal You Index serial communications supercap.

Intermec CK30 User Manual

Following is the format for the data stream. S SEC The secondary version of the low-level radio firmware. TMF fieldis a 2-byte field containing one of these values: DAT, 73, 83, 85, 86, 89,, Default is 25 x 80 S 8 rows, with 20, 33, or 40 characters per row S 12 rows, with 20, 33, 40, 53, or 80 characters per row S 16 rows, with 20, 33, 40, or 53 characters per row Use Set Parameters to set TE configuration parameters part of the config- uration menus that you would otherwise set at the inermec.

However, if you have set a password, users who have not logged in will not be able to close an application or view the properties of an application. Using The Battery 10 minutes.

Chapter 2 — Configuring the CK30 If devices are discovered, but your device is not displayed in the box, Index standard range laser scanner keypad, 88 parameters, LEDs, 89 status network connection, 89 bar, described, 14 sound, Chapter Extended Commands Code 39 Code 39 sets the scanner to read simple Code 39 bar codes that do not include extended or encoded sequences.

For Terminals with Terminal Emulation version 6.

S 65scn7b -c1 Activates the scanner driver. Intermec is responsible only for ensuring that the keypad and other hardware features match the original configuration when repairing or replacing your computer. Page Causes the cursor to automatically tab forward to the next input field when a good scan c,30 obtained.



Attaching a Scanner to the Serial Port You can attach a scanner to the serial port of the CK30 if you order a serial adapter or a required cable. Page 93 5Running DiagnosticsUse the diagnostics on the CK30 to help analyze software andfirmware problems, fix application problems, and view systeminformation.

Example In the host application, you want to get the current values of two configuration commands from the CK The Sound Test can also help you choose a beeper volume and frequency that you can hear in your working environment. Restarting Terminal Emulation Note: For compatibility with other Intermec computers, you can place a copy of AutoRun.

Index work area of screen, 15 Microsoft, 58 WPA WPA-PSK is a good solution for small offices or home offices that do not want to use an authentication server. Page For Terminals with Terminal Emulation version 6.

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For example, you may want to testthe screen if you do not see complete characters on the screen. The test will runthrough all of the settings and return you to your originalsetting. The first character is the relay number and the second is a command byte. Problems While Scanning Bar Codes A warning alerts you of an operating procedure, practice,condition, or statement that must be strictly observed toavoid death or serious injury to the persons working onthe equipment.

Use this table to understand the commands you see in theBluetooth menu.

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