INTERNSHIP REPORT ONPAKISTAN TELECOMMUNICATION COMPANY LIMITED Submitted to: The Chairman Department of Business Administ. An internship report; internship in the department of WLL, Switching and The system of E-PAYMENT which although exist in PTCL finance. internship report on ptcl history Financial analysis all things available.

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This saves him or her having to enter the data twice. Achieving high performance in the media and entertainment industries through application outsourcing Companies operating in today s global commerce rely on business application systems to energize supply.

Promotion is based on Seniority, Competence, and Performance. PTCL welcomes its customers and the future. HR Signatory for region shall be the Sr.


This part of the report contains a brief introduction of PTCL. Lately, however, Ufone had increased its market share in the cellular sector. There is general body meeting once a year of all the shareholders to elect iternship members of board of directors. My appreciation also goes to my friends who helped me in developing my internship report.

The staff of organization is highly qualified and their behavior is friendly. External factors are threats and opportunities.

Internship Report on Ptcl

The Cisco Mobility Express Solution A business-grade, affordable mobility solution for small and medium-sized businesses with up to employees. How to Write a Good Case Study. In collaboration with the private sector through the Build, Operate, Transfer BOT scheme,lines in andin increased the capacity of telephone exchanges. In the first phase of the report there is the general introduction about the company and then different terms have been explained, then the mission, values, different services and different strategies of the organization have been explained.


General Provisions Article 1. There were in-built subsidies and long distance calls, both domestic and international, were highly priced.

The company also continued to invest in Infrastructure development and addition of network capacity with a view to enhance services and to expand its reach across the country. Service concept PTCL offers flexible and reliable data services solutions through a high quality platform of digital leased line network. Aa Acquisition process by which a company buys another company advertise to announce that a product is for sale or that a service is offered in order to encourage people to buy it or to use it advertiser.

The revenue wing deals with the collection of bills and customer services. The examination branch is the department works under Administration Branch and is responsible for the general office and clerical work. The source of my information for the preparation of this report also includes the written notes, literatures and verbal discussion with staff members and my fellows.


Internship Report on Ptcl | Free Essays –

It has been achieved only due to the proper and exact functionality of the Human Resource Department. For Flexible economy there must be a Flexible Telecom organization working in flexible and independent way. A New Experience in Outsourcing: You can park invoices or credit memos which mean that you enter the invoice data or credit memo data in the system reporg save it in a document, but the system does not post this invoice initially.

S under whom I was attached with. Five years performance appraisal is must for promotions. The backbone would comprise of High tension power lines.

The primary purpose is to provide a number of resilient and centralized connection and control facilities in which co-location center s communication can be located. These results are consolidated More information. These results are consolidated. The QAS Quality Assurance Server or is used for the trainings purposes and to familiarize the user with the system.

Key Operating Data Change over Unit Local wireline access lines in service thousandMore information. The Company is listed on Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad stock exchanges.

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