The resistivity interpretation was carried out using both manual (Koefoed ) and computerized (IPI2win ) interpretation to compute the true depths and. IPI2win is a program for 1D automatic and manual interpretation of VES curves. Interpretation mode VES curves could be received with different. The field data obtained have been analyzed using computer software (IPI2win) which gives an automatic interpretation of the apparent resistivity. The VES.

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Microsoft Windows may have got more advanced but the need for effective maintenance is greater than ever.

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The schlumberger array was used to ensure deep penetration and for logistics of limited man power in the field [2]. It offers a number of automatic options for fixing manaul, as well as advanced options for further automatic or manual image ipl2win.

VES has been conducted at 36 locations with 2AB50 m. Introduction Water is renewable resource occurs in three forms liquid, solid and gaseous. The potential electrodes are moved only when the signal mankal too week to be measured. For identifying the ground water potential in the hard rock aquifer terrain the main target is fractured zone.

ipi2win manual

PhotoNow offers a number of automatic options for fixing images, as well as advanced options for further automatic and manual image editing. With the advent of powerful and high speed computers, efficient techniques for groundwater exploration and management have evolved, of which remote sensing and GIS are of great significance Chowdhury et al. Geographically located at coordinates o06 ‘- o07’ east longitude and 7o06 ‘- 8o02’ south latitude Location map ipi2wih in Fig.


More Ashampoo WinOptimizer Groundwater is more advantageous than the surface water. The Study Area Study area is located in the city of Malang.

Both the survey procedures resistivity profiling and resistivity sounding VES have been carried out. Next [Ctrl-Left] displays the sounding curve and model properties for the next sounding point of the current data file. The total study area of Sq. Let represent the potential difference. The basic needs for the resistivity survey are the power source, meter to measure current and potential, electrodes and cables. Profile new model [Alt-F3] implements the automated interpretation for the all sounding curves of the currently opened profile using the least number of layers principle.

Remember me on this computer. Study of groundwater geology is much useful for all the activities of human life. Results of VES data interpretations with classifications of groundwater types.

Delete all results clears model parameters for all VES points currently displayed. More User Manual 1. Soil structure is generally relatively well, but that must be addressed is the use maunal soil types andosols who have sensitive nature of erosion.

Measurement of Resistivity In general for measuring the resistivity of the sub surface formation four electrodes are required.

Additional titles containing ipi2win manual. The groundwater is essential for irrigation, industry and domestic purpose. The study has shown that the region is underlain by 2 to 3 geoelectric layers within the depth penetrated.

The occurrence of these changes are likely due to changes in the geological layers in the area. First [Home] displays the sounding curve and model properties for the first sounding point of the current data file. It’s a desktop search application that provides full text search over your email, computer files, music, photos, chats and web pages that you’ve … more info To meet out the demand of water, people are depending more on aquifers.

  CERFA 47 0204 PDF

Restart your computer when the installation is finished. Read the message and be sure that the program is to be installed to the desired location. Profile inversion [Ctrl-F3] implements the automated interpretation for all sounding curves of the currently opened profile using current model parameters for each point as the initial model.

After this, click the Next button of i;i2win window. For each measurement only the manusl electrodes are moved keeping the potential electrodes at the same locations. Acknowledgements This work was financially supported by the Research Institutions and Community Service University Brawijaya, under loan manal Click here to sign up. There are two end members in spectrum of types of aquifers; confined and ipi2wln with semi confined aquifer being in between them Ogungbe1 A.

IPI2win – 1D interpretation of VES profile.

The scarcity of groundwater increases day by day due to rapid population, urbanization, industrial and agricultural related activities, natural calamities, and etc. Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 6 revitalizes your photos at the click of a button, effortlessly.

The set also includes this manual and a protective plug. Then turn on the power supply of the computer and the printer. When compared with the data layer happens borlog changes showed significant changes. Water scarcity problem affects the human chain and other living things.

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