sections, with the Front-Cover Texts being “Original Author: Oskar http://people. Oskar Andreasson speaks with about his comprehensive IP . I hope that the iptables-tutorial give Linux administrators the possibility to. Oskar Andreasson [email protected] by Oskar Andreasson. Copyright © .. 1. txt.

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Any kind of computer would suffice, even Osjar at the moment, as long as I can have a few network cards with them 9 or so, but less would suffice too. These errors might be unknown to the Linux administrator for a long time and, in the long run they may notice the error to late.

Oskar Andreasson speaks with LinuxSecurity. When I started using Linux 2. If so, I think it’s worth printing a series. Frozentux Yet another site. What I hope that this tutorial do, is that it gives people new knowledge about the Linux firewalling possibilities, how kskar work, and a general knowledge of how to set it up properly. I am in an extreme need for a lab network at the moment since I lost the main part of it when I moved months ago. In open source, you can have the problem fixed within 3 minutes by yourself and have a bug report sent away and how to fix it, in closed source, you find a bug, send a bug report and then sit down and wait for weeks before anything happens.

After that it took a year or so until I tried getting Linux to run again, and iptaboes that time it had evolved incredibly I could get it to install, isn’t that evolution? Owkar central voice for Linux and Open Source security news. This site uses cookies. What do you feel is the most common Linux system vulnerability?


Guardian Digital Mail Systems: The iptables-tutorial is currently rather stable, and contains information on all the currently available matches and targets in kernelas well as a couple of complete example scripts and explanations.

Oskar Andreasson IP Tables Tutorial – The Community’s Center for Security

How can your iptables reference help to avoid these tutofial I have currently written an online course about Linux and Unix for a company called Libendo.

The aim of the iptables-tutorial is to explain iptables in a complete and simple way. The first time around I never got it to install at all. It was not until or so that I started seeing Linux around and tested it. Is there something the community can do to assist tuforial with writing and maintaining your security research?

During the time, I was also doing a lot of “work” for our site www. However, I haven’t gotten very far so far since I have run into problems with the whole deal.

Red Hat and Debian may be easier to maintain in this sense, as they contain more or less integrated package updating and package lists.

Documentation about the netfilter/iptables project

This would not change the fact that the tutorial will be available on the Internet, it will always be. After some months I had the first version of the tutorial published.

Iptables is an excellent choice when it comes to this, though it takes a lot of work to get it up and running in comparison to some Windows firewalls BlackIce Defender, etc. This tutorlal a small problem since I only have so many hours to write.


In his document, he discusses such topics the basics of configuring the kernel, configuring Red Hat to prepare for using IP Tables, a basic tuotrial of the iptables command, a number of great firewall examples, and more.


If not, well, it would be sad if not even persons liked it enough to actually buy it. Oskar, thanks much for your time, and we look forward to reading your future Linux security documents. I still think the tutorial is aimed at those, but it contains more information today about the advanced functions of netfilter and iptables so it might be fairly well suited for the advanced users as well who might find some interesting reads in the tutorial.

I haven’t put a lot of time into this project so far, mainly because Ooskar want to finish up a lot of loose ends with the iptables tutorial before walking into another huge project. Of course, the tutorial also aims at the security interested people out there and anyone who might be interested in setting up a local network with Internet access.

To leave packages such as these without documentation makes people go away and start using other operating systems such as Windows.

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