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As long as the inductor time constant matches the droop circuit RC time constants as given above, the transient performance will be optimum. Electrical Specifications Operating Conditions: This value is much lower than the threshold voltage of 1. All Rights Reserved All other trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners. A typical start-up timing is shown in Figure RTN Remote voltage sensing return. Operating on these large-amplitude, noise-free synthesized signals allows the ISLC to datashheet lower output ripple and lower phase jitter than conventional hysteretic and fixed PWM mode controllers.

The load line regulation is also very accurate, and the process of selecting the components for the appropriate load line droop is explained here. At steady state, a high level logic signal on this pin indicates that the micro-processor is in Deeper Iel6260 Mode. During this interval, the SOFT capacitor is charged with approximately 40? Rmin is the trace resistance from the inductor datasheet the microproccessor on the phase with the least resistance. The 3V3 pin allows for a system 3. After the load-line is set, the OCSET resistor can be selected to detect overcurrent at any level of droop voltage.

Dynamic Mode of Operation – Compensation Idl6260 Considering the voltage regulator as a black box with a voltage source controlled by VID and a series impedance, in order to achieve the 2. Do not remove Roc if overcurrent datasheeh is not desired. Voltage Regulator Thermal Throttling lntel? The phase unbalance is detected by the voltage on the ISEN pin.


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Proper selection and placement of the NTC thermistor allows for detection of a designated temperature rise by the system. ISLC uses RC filter to sense the average voltage on phase node and forces the average voltage on the phase node to be equal for current balance.

In the example above, the resistance on the DFB pin is Rdrp1 in parallel with Rdrop2, that is, 1k in parallel with 8. There is a mathematical calculation file available to the user. Limits established by characterization and are not production tested. Once the board has been laid out, some adjustments may be required to adjust the full load droop voltage. The comparator changes polarity and turns SW1 off and throws SW2 to 1.

Overcurrent protection is related to the voltage droop which is determined by the load line requirement.

Temperature limits established datwsheet characterization and are not production tested. Excellent Dynamic Current Balance between Channels? In addition, excessive phase unbalance due to gate driver failure will be detected and will shut down the controller.

The ISLC modulator internally synthesizes analog signals inside the IC emulating the inductor ripple currents and use hysteretic comparators on those signals to determine switching pulse widths. For information regarding Intersil Corporation and its products, see www.

Multiphase Core Regulator For IMVP-6 Mobile CPUs

It is better to have the cap value a little bigger to cover the tolerance of the inductor to prevent the output voltage from going lower than the spec. A low level logic signal on this isp6260 indicates that the micro-processor is in Deeper Sleep Mode. To see whether the NTC has compensated the temperature change of the DCR, the user can apply full load current and wait for the thermal steady state and see how much the output voltage will deviate from the initial voltage reading.

These resistors are used to sense the DC voltage drop across each inductor.


Static Mode of Operation – Processor Die Sensing Die sensing allows the Voltage Regulator to compensate for various resistive drops in the power path and insure that the voltage seen at the CPU die is the correct level independent of load current. First, there is no NTC required for thermal compensation, therefore, the Rn resistor network in the previous section is Power Monitor The power monitor signal tracks the inductor current.

There are two levels of overvoltage protection with different response. Rdcr is the DCR resistance of the inductor. Now, the input to the Droop amplifier is the Vrsense voltage.

In Figure 46 we show a 3 phase solution using DCR sensing. The reduction in ripple results in fewer components, lower component cost, reduced power dissipation, and smaller implementation area. Intersil Pb-free plus anneal products employ special Pb-free. Combining these requirements gives: A good NTC thermistor compensation can limit the output voltage drift to 2mV. However, it is important to keep in mind that the output of each of these RS resistors are tied together to create the VSUM voltage node.

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At light load conditions, the ISLC is switching at a frequency proportional to load current similar to hysteretic mode controller. This allows the Voltage Regulator to tightly control the processor voltage at the die, independent of layout inconsistencies and drops. Dimensions are in millimeters.

This is shown in Figure One should expect the output voltage daasheet slew to the Boot value of 1. There are two resistors around the inductor of each phase. This value will be covered in the next section. Page 1 of It is highly recommended to use symmetrical layout in order to achieve natural current balance.

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