Isobelle Carmody was 14 years old when she began writing The Obernewtyn Chronicles. Forty-three years later, the final book has arrived. With the release of The Red Queen, the writer brings to a close three decades of her young adult fantasy series while hinting at ‘plenty of doors. My second part of my The Red Queen by Isobelle Carmody thoughts. See the previous one here. MAJOR SPOILERS BELOW. Seriously, don’t read on if you.

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To celebrate the upcoming release, each Sunday I will be posting about the Obernewtyn Chronicles with the plan being:.

Post was not sent – check your queen addresses! This section could be replaced with one paragraph saying ‘Elspeth figured out that her captors were computers and machines. Originally published in Australia as The Wrong Thing, the book features an ordinary housecat who stumbles upon something otherworldly. Four years after the previous book came carody, we have finally come full circa – I was so glad, so so glad to hear that The Red Queen would be more than a thousand pages long.

The whole thing just feels like a set up for another series.

The lack of editing is such a big thing for me because of one reason. Read, enjoy, and tell me what you think. Which brings me to In finishing such an epic saga there will always be questions I think and those little things that you wonder about. It might technically be a Young Adult series, but it’s only a marketing technicality.

I was so excited and saddened by the release of the final book and now I feel bitter about the resolution because it seems like Isobelle and her editor just didn’t care about wrapping up this world with respect to the characters, I am completely offended by Isobelle Carmody and the editor.

Nov 23, Niamh rated it liked it Shelves: But what about everyone back in the land? Children and teenagers Fiction features. I felt so sorry for him, yet by the end of the book, it is clear that he and Elspeth will always remain friends. Particularly with the build-up of view spoiler [ Is Rushton alive?


Isobelle Carmody does many things with her series. Yes, the plot was very slow, especially the whole pages in habitat and midland an interesting plot but not enough relevance to the questwhich went on for way too long credit to Elspeths “gnawings” how This series is one of my favourites.

As for a character I wanted to see more of! Drawing to a close the journey of Elspeth Gordie and the Misfits, The Red Queen will surprise and thrill readers right to the very last page. There’s plenty here for all ages.

I discovered it as a teen and have been waiting years for this wonderful finale to be available. Overall, as with the last few installments since The Keeping Place, there are definitely some pacing issues and right up until the very last hundred or so pages I couldn’t see how there was enough space to wrap it up. Jul 22, Jessica rated it it was ok Shelves: I’ve made it sound idealistic and being the last book of a long series I suppose it was more light filled and idealistic than the very dark beginnings, however complexity and cruelty and suffering and loss were still present, its positivity was tempered by loss.

Parts that should have been important info were over in a few pages while utterly pointless rambling and asides were given hundreds of pages. I remember the mystery etc. The Obernewtyn Chronicles Volume 7?

Where can I find it?

But no, it was just obvious. But happy with the ending! Has all her sacrifice been in vain? The ability of characters in the book to sacrifice their own desir So They use words that are pronounced exactly the same, yet are written differently enough that you know you’re not in the same world. Across all her writing, Isobelle shows a talent for balancing the mundane and the fantastic.

The Red Queen

One page had 3. He was the Moonwatcher as I was the Seeker. The first book of the year for me and I have to give it the full 5 stars. I know one thing — I finished this book and immediately wanted to start it from the beginning again. Elspeth is an inspiring heroine but she is also flawed and human, uncertain and at times almost wavering.


Some of those writers who bring out an OK book could have brought out something brilliant. I would not have got closure cqrmody a lot of characters but the book didn’t offer any anyway. At the end it’s like, then Chinaka and Tiban decided not to fight anymore and then I woke up the end. After years spent struggling to balance her desires with her responsibilities, Elspeth Gordie has fully embraced her role as the Seeker.

Nov 25, Rebecca rated it it was ok. I read these books as a teenager originally and loved them. Okay, what to write about this book, and the ending of a series I’ve been reading for most of my life?

The Red Queen: The Obernewtyn Chronicles Volume 7 by Isobelle Carmody – Penguin Books Australia

I both loved and loathed how this ended. I knew with a book like this, the ending was never going to be neat and tidy. I still wish it was smaller though! Nov 19, Rachel rated it it was ok.

But the best thing? The naming of the computer ‘God’ at Midland seems deeply ironic. I suspect Carmody never had a proper conclusion in mind when she started the series- or she had some ideas but they no longer made sense by the end- instead of working to find a satisfying conclusion to the sprawling epic she limped to the finish line with this hot mess… Whatever happened at least this stands as a warning of what NOT to do with your hugely successful epic fantasy series.

I think the only true and right way is to take our sorrows into us bravely and wholly, knowing they will hurt, and accepting that sometimes pain is unavoidable.

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