Isvara Pratyabhijna Karika of Utplaladeva: Verses on the Recognition of the Lord [Lise F. Vail, Bansi Pandit] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. TL;DR: Read this PDF document I created. Let me start off by posting a useful chart from Isabelle RatiĆ© paper “In Search of Utpaladeva’s. The Isvara-pratyabhijna-karika of Utpaladeva is written in couplets of karika style. Abhinavagupta referred to such couplets as sutras, a highly condensed form of.

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Such contemplative meditation gradually leads the aspirant to expand his awareness until it becomes one with the infinite nature of the Lord. Lata was the name given to scholars who belonged to the Gujarat area, and lati-nti was the name of a poetic technique popular in that region. Its upward activity serves as a step toward Self-realisation, and it vibrates with the brilliance of the light ol such realisation. Commentary Just as the knowing of taste cannot become an object of prahyabhijna knowing of colour, so experiential knowledge cannot become an object of memory, isvar recollective knowledge.

Isvara Pratyabhijna Karika of Utpaladeva

Abhinavagupta pratyabhhijna several passages as having been taken from the works of Utpaladeva, without mentioning the names of these works, proving that the master philosopher must have written additional works that have been lost. It is called nirvikalpa knowledge, knowing beyond thought.

It is sufficiently brief and to the point in matters of discussion about other schools of philosophy, avoiding lengthy repetitions of arguments already dealt with in other important works. The second chapter deals with the nature and character of seven types of living beings. By purification of the three impurities the limited soul too can recognize pratyabhijna his real nature, becoming pati himself.

Couplet pratyabhiuna is a poetic end-note to the text, for it compares an aspirant, proceeding on the isbara of Self-recognition, to a love-torn damsel.


Relativity is also only a concept and cannot prove knowing and doing as resting in a third element, the so-called Atman.

The Vijnanavadin raises objection to such a principle through the arguments listed below. The usual practices are: He was a master of fine arts and artistic literature.

Memories rest in the currents of conscious minds and are based on the impressions of past experiences that reside in the constantly flowing mental currents.

Isvara Pratyabhijna Karika of Utpaladeva by Bansi Pandit

Jnanadhikara Chapter 3 31 actually correct. Besides, he is free to analyse the contents of his experience and to recollect parts of it or the entire event in as many various ways as he likes. This mutual benefit ot the two has been mentioned by Abhinavagupta in his commentary. This discovery of one’s hidden divine powers is thus the means of recognising our true nature.

But it leaves its impression on something that must be a permanently existent entity.

Mental ideation is shown to be erroneous in character, since it is based on different degrees of oblivion created by the independent universal Self, through His divine creative power. The Mcilinl-vijayottara-tantra is said to be the most important scriptural work on practical sadhana of the Trika system.

This is a bigger tragedy, as otherwise, that work of Somananda would have proved to be a great storehouse of information about Kashmir Saivism and the merits and shortcomings of all the schools of Indian philosophy.

Acceptance of such a special pair of name and form, after the rejection of all other such possible pairs, is the key point in the definition of an ideation and it is on such account termed apoha, or avoidance of other options, in Vijnanavada. The principle of the outward vibration of the inwardly existent universe in Atman is established in this chapter in detail, although without the use of the term spanda.

All his successive movements, from his first step toward Delhi to his reaching his final destination, including all his secondary actions during the long journey, are counted as parts of his intended main action of going to Delhi.


Like Utpaladeva, Abhinavagupta was also a poet of high merit and composed several sweet hymns to Lord Siva and the Mother-goddess Sakti. It is probable that an ancestor of Abhinavagupta at some time shifted to that locality from the bank of the Vitasta River, and the locality may isvarra have become famous as Gotapur Gupta-purathe residence of Guptas.

The great scholar Atrigupta was such a Gupta.

Isvara Pratyabhijna Karika Of Utpaladeva Verses Of Recognition Of Lord Pandit B. N. MLBD

In dreaming sleep, he is bound by all prayabhijna malas inside his mental universe. In this case it is brought to light at the present moment and has no relation to any past momentary thought or event. The Lord also has the power to make some particular entities appear as knowing subjects and others as objects of knowing. Lsvara a connection between two [substances] must involve more than one form; 2 an established entity does not require dependence on anything other than itself: An essential feature of Kashmir Shaivism is the concept of activity inside the ultimate consciousness.

This principle has been designated His divine power of action, kriya-sakti. It may have been purchased by Smt.

Other schools of divergent thought have rather been ignored prtyabhijna this context, because the Buddhist Vijfianavada alone is highly rich in subtle logic. This philosophical school of Kashmir Saivism has evolved to express the theism and monism of the one supreme Absolute, divine Consciousness.

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