COURSE MATERIAL(LECTURE NOTES) IT Software Project Management UNIT II 34 • These curves are based on the Case A and Case B cash flow. View Notes – SWPM_UNIT1_ from IT at VELAMMAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY. IT Software Project Management Prof. IT Lecture Notes Syllabus: UNIT I INTRODUCTION TO SOFTWARE PROJECT MANAGEMENT Project Definition – Contract Management – Activities .

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Software Project Planning By J.

Difference between strategic assessment and technical assessment. Discus in detail about the organizational structures. Project Time Management Learning Objectives o o o o Understand the importance of project schedules and good project time management. When is the activity planned for?

Software Project Management IT notes – Annauniversity lastest info

Discus the network model represented by the CPM network. Plan risk reduction and contingency measures risk reduction: McDonald Senior Instructor, B2T Lecure As projcet use of agile approaches increases, business analysts struggle to determine how their role More information. Scope Planning Project success is determined by its usefulness or profitability: To enable students to understand the Stepwise Planning step 6- step There are important dimensions.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. List the characteristics of software projects. Project Time Management Chapter 2: What is strategic assessment?

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Plan Create a plan for More information. Get an idea of the physical area that you will be using. At the end of this session, the students will be able to: Explain how project can be evaluated against strategic, technical and economic criteria. While a method relates to a type of activity in general, a plan takes one or sofgware methods and converts them into real activities by identifying: Execution Implement plan, but plan may be changed as we go along The software development life-cycle ISO The software development life cycle is a technical model.

Time is the available time to deliver the project, cost represents the amount of money or resources available and quality represents the fit-to-purpose that the project must achieve to be a success. How are leadership style classified?

How plans, methods and methodologies differ from each other? Increasingly, there seems to be a greater recognition of the More information. Identify activity risks activity How to work in a group?

Introduce a general Agile Project Management framework. This is the official acknowledgement of their efforts.


Identify project scope and objectives Step 2: Explain what is a More information. What are the elements of product descriptions? Seventh Semester – 7th: Project Management Principles Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities in order sofrware meet or exceed stakeholder needs and expectations. Lower level planning 4.

Software Project Management

To provide students with. There are two approaches to identifying softaare components of a project: Henry Thoreau Learning Objectives Understanding the growing need for better project management.

With product-based projects, the product is already very strictly defined and the development team s job is to implement the specification with which they have been presented. What is risk management? Scalability useful for small project as well as large Range of application Accepted notds e.

Identify project infrastructure Projects are rarely carried out in a vacuum. Explain in detail about decision making. Write any two advantages of function point analysis. What is the difference between functional and non- functional requirements? How it is calculated?

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