ITR 2 AY 2014-15 PDF

Here in your case since you have not filed return for AY return can be satisfaction of the tax officer, only then the person is allowed to file the ITR. (ii) Rs. 10, in case it is filed after December 31 of the relevant assessment year. Today we list down for you the changes which have been in the Income Tax Return forms ITR -2 for financial year (assessment year. Yogesh Ji till now, the IT Department not released the Excel utility. U can fill the form by Java utility, or wait for Dept. to release excel utility.

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For the second home I would like to claim interest on home loan which is more than 1.

Itr 2 and itr 3 for a y 2014-15 in excel format

I thought your own income is presumptive. But while filing ITR 4 — i am tir able to claim my drawings from my capital account under deductions — drawings being in the nature of house hold expenses — so kindly guide about the same. I have paid Rs as IT against the due tax Sir, I am a Post office Agent and earned the commission this year Rs.

And in my case both are exceeding Rs. But the health irr company has issued separate receipts in the name of my wife and in my name. Can I add my PF amount with the salary amount of the year or should both the amount be shown separately and procedure for ITR should be as is for two Forms? Pls reply on these basis.


Contact the CA of your area.

Can I file ITR-1? You just need to file the return by showing both the income.

ITR-2 Excel Version Available for Download for AY

But during the last financial yearI was not employed any where, hence having no salary Income during the year. But not forget to check once again the said deductions will form part of it or not. Kindly suggest the course of action. Sarang-You can use ITR1. No your income is not considered as salary instead it is professional income. If you still have confusion then please contact tax expert of your CA xy can help you in this matter.

Loan repayment depends on what was agreement between you and your friend.

Income Tax Return Filing AY 2014-15-Which forms to use?

If ktr earnings are less than specified minimum limit then it is up to you either to file or not. I have to file ITR4 for this income. Since i am not interested to do this business anymore, i have requested for itt cancellation of license as well. Sir, I have earned stipend during my internship. The purpose of this blog is to “Spread personal finance awareness and make them to take informed financial decisions.

I am a salaried person and have taken a home loan and paying interest on that to the bank. Which form to fill and how do I show my capital gains transactions during filing? Abhishek-Sorry, in that case use ITR5. If my income from business done on my personal name and interest, would be filed under ITR—5 and then another ITR-4S for the partnership firm. Whether you eligible for these conditions?


The answers to these Questions are not very clear from the post. I am a doctor employed on contract basis in the year so that whole income of fy is from this source and some interest from 2014–15 deposit.

Can I file ITR form 1, as my main income is from salary, and show the above amount from professional services as income from other sources?

I am a student. But while filing ITR 4 — i am not able to claim my drawings from my capital account under deductions — drawings. She incurred loss in otr trading. My question was if its ok that the professional fees paid which the firm has filled as TDS-2 is 20144-15 along with my hospital salary under Schedule S or does this professional fees need to be filled in separate schedule than the hospital salary?

If you have doubt then consult any tax consultant. Thank you for your feedback. I want to fill itr for previous 3 years. Sir, As per my knowledge, Sec. The Firm has a separate PAN, My doubt is as an individual which form they will have to use for filing the individual return.

In case, you need any other information, please let me know. Weather clubbing provision is applicable in this case or her income can be treated separate and income tax returns it be ihr separately. Sir, If i have got Salary Income.

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