Stalking. The Wild. Pendulum. On the Mechanics of Consciousness. ITZHAK BENTOV. BOOKS. Destiny Books. Rochester, Vermont. In his exciting and original view of the universe, Itzhak Bentov has provided a new perspective on human consciousness and its limitless possibilities. Widely. Itzhak “Ben” Bentov (also Ben-Tov) (Hebrew: יצחק בנטוב ) (August 9, – May 25, ) was In his book, Stalking the Wild Pendulum: On the Mechanics of Consciousness, he wrote that “consciousness permeates everything.”.

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Add multi- and thogonal gifs. Smokler, Studies in Subjective Probability, Wiley; they reprint: Especially when I see an “accident bubble” rolling down the street!

It is very easy to understand, he doesn’t use any complex language or terminology and utilizes pictures and diagrams really well so that you understand what he is talking about.

He would literally make his own polymers or at least mix different polymers in order to get what he staalking. So what can teh do with fermions? He gives us a provocative picture of ourselves in an expanded, conscious, holistic universe. Antony – – Journal of Consciousness Studies 8 2: We are just now finding some margins for reading this little big book.

Itzhak Bentov – Wikipedia

With a Forward by the word-class physicist, Dr. Jun 20, Koshin rated it really liked it Recommends it for: After all, the dominant theories in the field of consciousness studies live brief lives before being replaced by a newer or more refined concept. All mathematics which we know about, excepting of course our own quantonics’ hermeneutics and semiotics assume stoppability: This one shows ‘thogonal’ grouping of holographic ‘sets’ of 12 neurons.


If we analyze the events taking place at the zero point from the point of view of quantum mechanicswe get a different picture. With some refinement, this could have been a mind-blowing book.

Stalking the Wild Pendulum: On the Mechanics of Consciousness by Itzhak Bentov

If that statement is factual, in general, then does a stoppable, ‘non’ durational scientific con vention describe reality? They are problematic classicisms borne on Classical Thing-king Methods! They are all based upon ratiocinations which assume stoppability.

Blue neuron 1 is shown with its blue 1 quantum complement. If we analyze the events taking place at the zero point from the point of view of quantum mechanics, we get a different picture.

Itzhak Bentov

Classicists have been using SOM’s knife on us since at least Parmenides. It’s not really about dowsing with a pendulum, as you might think by the cover.

Bentov posits that we literally occupy a different reality than the manifested moving physical reality during these moments of periodic wave rest, and expansion of space-time, clairvoyance and deep meditative states of altered consciousness, including the absolute, can be accessed. Stalkign 24, Sandi rated it it was amazing. He does a great job proving his theories.


Email required Address never made public. In quantum reality, local systems viewed as classical ‘wholes’ simply do not, nor cannot classically ‘exist. Books by Itzhak Bentov.

He relates reincarnation to the newtons second law conservation of energy. If you agree with what we have said so far, and if that is a better way of viewing quantum reality, then we can use it to our advantage. Something huge in Value and opportunity! We have a means of navigating which is similar old fashioned dead reckoning!

Let us view the pendulum bob as a mathematical pointthat is, a point that is too small to be measured a dimensionless point and follow its progress as it slows down.

Loved this book, was a key book on putting me on my path. The human body goes into a state of resonance internally and also with the earth during meditation. Elisabet Sahtouris – – World Futures bentpv

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