Ivan Gundulić: Ivan Gundulić, Croatian poet and dramatist whose epic in the way of true love between young shepherds Dubravka (whose. Today the square is home to the statue of Dubrovnik poet Ivan Gundulić, a work of a pastoral play Dubravka glorifies liberty and transpires with patriotism. Monuments and memorials to Ivan Gundulić (2 C) Dubravka Ivan Gundulic jpg × 1,; KB. Dubravka Ivan Gundulic 2.

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The plot of the entire play is set in the pastoral Dubrava in a mythical, pagan time of happiness and well-being, at the gunduic that by its nature reminiscent the golden age of mankind. According to its content, Dubravka is a social satire dubravia progressive and justified demands of young citizens of Dubrovnik; just because of that it also at the same time defends the nobility status quo.

Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb added Dubravka into its program as a permanent play and with a permanent exhibition in the early s.

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Tears of the Prodigal SonOsmanDubravka. Dubravka Cover for the edition. Retrieved August 20, You may find it helpful to xubravka within the site to see how similar or related subjects are covered. That night started late and went well into the next day in presence of Italian TV cameras and surrounded by thousands.

File:Dubravka Ivan Gundulic 030809.jpg

Discover some of the most interesting and trending topics of Osman is firmly rooted within the rich literary tradition of the Croatian Baroque in Dubrovnik and Dalmatia and is considered as one of its apogees. Retrieved from ” https: It consists of three acts with a gunsulic of 28 scenes and 1, verses, written in double rhymed dodecasyllables and octosyllables.

Grdan, however, fails in his plan because of the interference of god Lero who causes shakes and thunder and shades flames on the fire just before the wedding ceremony.


Bruce Springsteen, American singer, songwriter, and bandleader who became the archetypal rock performer…. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted, and if it meets our criteria, we’ll add it to the article. He was elected twice for the Rector of Konavle, he served as the member of the Dubrovnik Great Council and later as a member of the Small Council of Dubrovnik.

Osman had 20 cantos, but the 14th and the 15th were never found. The reliefs below the Gundulic statue are symbolic and describe the main motifs in Gundulic works.

After that he studied Roman law and jurisprudence in general, where he held numerous offices for the Great Council of the Republic. According to the storyline, Sultan Osman dispatched Ali-pasha to the Kingdom of Poland in order to negotiate peace and Kazlar-aga to choose which Polish noblewoman would suit him best for marriage.

File:Dubravka Ivan Gundulic 2 030809.jpg

This page was last edited on 26 Octoberat The four plays that have survived are mostly variations on or translations of Italian works.

In addition to the character of fishermen, the drama shows other minor characters: It’s a day ” in which we here make a shrine to sweet freedom “, in which the ideals and virtues are above everyday life and its routine, ordinariness. The Hymn is traditionally included in the opening and closing ceremony of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival as the “Libertas” Flag, a secondary flag of the former Dubrovnik Republic, is either hoisted or lowered from the halyard mast on top of Orlando Column, the chorus is following with the singing of the “Liberty hymn”.

This page was last edited on 8 Decemberat Some parts of them may have been sung.

Gundulic Square – Dubrovnik

Allegories of the characters would be – Grdan – rotten rich man, Dubrava – Dubrovnik, shepherds – nobility, Dubravka – Dubrovnik authorities. He held several public posts in the Dubrovnik Republic, and if he had not died in he would most probably also had been elected for a Rector of the Republic.


His work embodies central characteristics of Catholic Counter-Reformation: Untilit was performed additional fifty times in Zagreb. The poem itself focuses on transience of life. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Instead of the expected choice of Miljenko as the most beautiful young men, judges choose ugly but rich, Grdan lit. This can be seen in the denouement Lero’s rebellion against unfair and unreasonable Grdan which does not appear on the scene as a dramatic picture but is recounted by a character.

In gundklic projects Wikimedia Commons. The Dalmatian fisherman is a character that warns about “bad situation in Dalmatia under Venetian rule, the greatest enemy of Dubrovnik, in order to stress better situation in Dubrovnik. Internet URLs are the best. Osman begins with the Sultan’s grasping of the situation caused by the Ottoman defeat at Chocim and descriptions of how the era of pre-Ottoman glory of the Bulgarians, Serbs, Hungarians, Albanians and especially the Poles could be easily restored.

This section does not cite any sources. His grave is located in the Franciscan church. On that eventful day, an old fisherman came from Dalmatia to Dubrovnik.

gkndulic Archived from the original on October 22, Retrieved 20 August Although Dubrava is some mythical country from the distant past, it represents the Dubrovnik Republic because it values freedom as the highest human value, the biggest ideal and virtue that man can reach during his transient life. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. This section needs additional citations for verification. Views Read Edit View history.

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