Jack SPICER / Lisa SAMMARCO. Page 3. 3. Da: Jack Spicer, After Lorca aforethought I must admit) by sending Mr. Spicer several poems written after my. Jack Spicer’s After Lorca: translation as decomposition. ‘s theories of translation, as seen in After Lorca, and his conception of the ‘serial poem’, as described in. , Jack Spicer Born Los Angeles Disbandment of the Berkeley Writers Conference, through which Spicer, , After Lorca – SF: White Rabbit Press.

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Burroughs and Brion Gysin’s The Exterminator. Lubna rated it it was amazing Nov 07, Death of Ezra Pound.

Oct 10, mwpm rated it it was psicer Shelves: It crawls silently up Buster Keaton’s leg. The Poetry Project at St. I would have liked to have been a swan. Refresh and try again.

Cover by Jess [Collins]. Portrait of the Poet as Homosexual in Society. Dick’s The Man in the High Castle.

Jacket # 7 – A Spicer Chronology

Beginning of the Korean War. Print Save Cite Email Share. Invention is merely the enemy of poetry. His aesthetic, style, eventually turned to series of poems that were not sequential, affer were related thematically, that riffed on a central conceit. The lights of Philadelphia flicker and go out in the faces of a thousand policemen. White Jaco Press resurrected under Graham Mackintosh. Death of Louis Zukofsky. Arne rated it liked it Nov 12, No kidding, I love you.


The landscape shortens itself beneath the wheels of his machine. Buster Keaton ineffably crosses the rushes and little fields of rye. I invent a word like invention. The fools that read these letters will think by this we mean what tradition seems to have meant lately – an historical patchwork whether made up of Elizabethan quotations, guide books of the poet’s home town, or obscure hints of obscure bits of magic published by Pantheon which is used to cover up the nakedness of the bare word.

A young girl with a wasp waist and a high collar comes in on a spucer. Read Spicer and if you are into poetry at all like me, you’ll come out of the experience changed forever.

Maxwell rated it it was amazing Feb 27, He stands in the middle of the stage holding a fresh pomegranate in his arms. Kinsey’s Sexual Behavior in the Human Male.

Jack Spicer’s After Lorca: Translation as Delocalization – Edinburgh Scholarship

Dies at San Spiceg General Hospital. The New American Poetryed. The United States withdraws all troops from Vietnam. The ladies of the town play a piano as if they were riding bicycles.


Jack Spicer’s After Lorca: Translation as Delocalization

The Tower of Babel unfinished ms. Do you have a ring with a poisoned stone? Jaredjosephjaredjoseph harveyharvey rated it liked it Nov 21, Execution of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.

Difficile da dirsi, sicuramente un uomo controcorrente, tanto in letteratura quanto nella vita: Death of Gertrude Stein. Billy The Kid – Dublin: His eyes, infinite and sad like a newly born animal, dream of lilies and angels and silken belts.

Jan 25, Edward rated it liked it Shelves: Evan Burrows rated splcer it was amazing Mar 23, I don’t want to talk. A mad man is talking to himself in the room next to mine. Spicer says some interesting things about prose being a focus on invention while poetry is about disclosing. Trivia About After Lorca. The eyes of an ostrich. The Black Mountain Review founded. No one rides by on a bicycle.

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