The domain: is online and should be working. The SourceForge site has a support page for the software but it’s currently incomplete. Editing clips is the bread and butter of all movie creation, so starting with that in Jahshaka seems to fit. One can realistically work with many. So I downloaded the Jahshaka editor but I have no idea how to use it (or even how to import footage) and I can’t find a user’s manual. Anyone.

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If you split the movie up into scenes at the import phase, it will make editing all the more simple.

Jahshaka Tutorials

Note that the video in the subordinate track will always overlay the video in the track above it. In Audio Resamplingyou can set the audio frequency with which you recorded raw material. It does seem like something that the developers should work on because the concept is solid. To enhance the artistic effect, I’ll apply a couple of transitions to smooth out the jumps between scenes. To delete a clip, press the Delete key.

The website never loaded. It isn’t up yet, but I will check back later. To move the borders later, you can use the green arrows to the left and right of these details, but this is not true if you actually cut something. Anybody know where to find a manual for jahahaka

If you have used other video-editing programs, a few things here should be familiar, such as the timeline at the bottom of the dialog box. Also, you need to ensure that 3D acceleration is enabled for your graphics card.

Note how the timeline changes at the bottom of the window Figure 4. As a bonus, Jahshaka includes Jahplayer, a player for media of any kind. You don’t need to deal kahshaka the red numbers so much because it just tells you how long the movie clip is, unless you desperately need something to go for 2 seconds exactly, although for some reason you can’t edit it directly anyway. You can add as many clips as you jahshala to this track. Either drag the white arrow or the red around to see it work.


To start, drag your video from the player to the track on your timeline. You can also move the video anywhere on the desktop to suit your organizational tastes, whether that is the “controlled chaos” approach where you have clumps of media in separate piles, or the “righty tighty” tradition where all of the media is organized alphabetically with perfect spacing. The feature list sounds more like an excerpt from a catalog for an expensive real-time editing system.

To download and jabshaka the required packages, launch the script by entering sh jahshaka-dapper-x At the same time, the program modifies the size of the timeline to make sure that all the parts fit on screen. If you do not have Jahshaka binary packages for your distribution, you will need to build the editing program from the source code package, which involves some preparation.

The buttons on the lower left of the main window let you toggle between these components at any manuap. If you look at the left border of the main window, you will see a small bar with several dots at its center. Jahshaka people call it the Render button, but so many people get frustrated like me on finding it because there is no button that says Render.

Download – Jahshaka

To save your work, change to the Settings tab and click Save Project. For example, Tidy Desktop will clean up the desktop, Clear Desktop removes your samples from the desktop, and Quit needs no explanation. You can use the mouse to drag and drop the jahshaoa to another position.

I’ll show you what they mean by the Render button highlighted in yellow. Jahshaka Editor The Jahshaka Editor editor allows users to create virtual worlds in a fully immersive 3D environment, with support for nested objects, particles, skyboxes and animation.


I’d love it to be an active project, but I’d say you’ll get more out of investigating using something like blender for post: Each track is like a video projector mxnual projects the existing material onto the preview screen. To get the latter option, click on the “Tidy” button to the left of the silvery buttons below the desktop. Kino, a tool that many distributions include, is a good choice.

The developers rightly advertise ,anual product as being the first free, all-around tool in the field of video editing. If you decide to build Jahshaka from the sources, you can. To change the size of the preview image, go to the tiny task bar on the right with a rectangular gray box in a light frame, click the box, and push it slowly up and jahhaka. Shaka considered various high-end video-editing systems as role models before finally developing the free video-editing and effects program with professional features.

This means we need to create what’s called a content pipeline. If you repeat these steps with the second scene from your movie, Jahshaka drops it right on top of the existing clip.

Let’s take jhashaka look at the bottom jahsyaka the screen now, where Jahshaka displays the full set of commands that you can use at the current time. It’s highlighted in red. Jahshaka has a selection of effects for livening up parts of your video or the whole movie. GraphiX GraphiX Once your computer starts calculating the output, you can relax. If you have a newer distribution, you might need to temporarily uninstall the packages. Thanks to the OpenGL interface, Jahshaka calculates effects in real time, offers compositing functions along jahshaia a painting tool especially for video the aptly named Videopaintfast animation tools for moviemakers, and, of course, video editing.

The two videos should overlap slightly, as shown in Figure 9.

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