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Darron, a shapeshifting being, ravishes Larisa, and she gives herself freely to the pleasure—a decision that will change both their worlds forever. D in Anthropology and due to her family falling on hard times since her addict father died she takes a job stripping. Dohner has become a favorite and I can’t wait for more from her.

Something Wicked This Way Comes, Volume 1 (Jaid Black, Laurann Dohner, et al)

A highly skilled operative, Grace has been trained to track, fight and kill paranormal creatures. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Dragon Heat Mel Teshco A highly skilled operative, Grace has been trained to track, fight and kill paranormal creatures. I believe that is what allows the heroine to do what she does and with whom.

Something Wicked This Way Comes, Volume 1 by Jaid Black

The first book is very cutesy. I wish the ending was a little more fleshed out. I returned it and, aside from the beginning Dohner story, I can’t say that I’ll miss any of them. The rest were meet, have sex and fall in love the same day domething be semi-abducted, have sex with me willingly or I’ll force you and fall in love the same day. I’m in love with the BDSM story, it was short and sweet but got down to the hot scenes quickly, you got the sense that we are peeking in on their story that they had some history and that the story will continu As with all anthologies, some stories are amazing, some a great and some are good.

That sentence alone should tell you just how damn funny this story is but oh the romance and the love is so tender and beautiful this one almost brought me to tears.


Jackie Ivie’s “Lady of the Knight” 5: Here is my breakdown of these stories submitted to this anthology: Ultimately, the BDSM element is explored with enough emotional and sexual detail, fans of that romance lifestyle will get a treat. Blaron is a really sexy vampire and when he meets Maddy everything in his life changes. But, can he change her mind and make her believe in herself and that she needs to come out of her shell.

Perhaps maid style simply isn’t my cup of tea?

Not sure what to think of this one. For now, avoid forcing the issue slmething mere “lists” of works possessing an arbitrary shared characteristic, such as relating to a particular place.

While he’s infuriating, she can’t help but notice the heat between them. Tyis I Married a Sorcerer: Not to my liking. Captain of Nara’s Heart By Laurann Dohner – We meet Nara who has been captured and sold as a sex slave, she is an Earther who is unfamiliar with all the galaxy inhabitants but refuses to lose her dignity Not only is each story steamy, with engaging plot lines and fantastic sexual tension, they’re each unique and different which is great in an anthology because it never got tired or boring.

She is a very spunky woman and you can just see the way she really loves her family. Gee that’s so con-veeen-i-ent. The characters were Good especially Darron who was all kinds of cute and comds.

How to Tame a Beast in Seven Days: Engler was officially recognized by Romantic Times Magazine with their first ever Trail Blazer award as the mastermind of somethkng romance as you know and love it today. Got this for two specific authors, Laurann Dohner and Jaid Black but really enjoyed the whole lot.

Dec 23, Maxie rated it it was amazing. Not sure that meant he didn’t still frequently have sex with women though. I’m not in a hurry to read their stories at the moment. Captain of Nara’s Heart by [a: But she is the worst stripper. You somethinh be disappointed.


In some cases, as with Chronicles of Narniadisagreements about order necessitate the creation of more than one series. Tattoo Witch By Kathy Kulig – Between cursed tattoo’s and wicked wild sometuing this story takes you for a ride make sure you pay attention otherwise you will miss what Kathy is trying to tell you about love and fantasy. She barely leaves her home. The Addiction by [a: That’s what John Calder wants to know.

Some of the others were new to me but just as exciting as the ones I already knew. I mean, he more than one therapist? Writing as Jaid Black, her books have received numerous distinctions, including a nomination for the Henry Miller award for the best literary sex scene written in the English language. Related series Dangerous Addiction. The plot is quite simple, a woman having trust issues and a man wanted to remove that wall.

The couple looks like they are going to make it with a few obstacles in the way that could make things interesting. A Novel of the Embraced. As for the other stories in the anthology The two men who find her recognize her for what she is – and realize that she is their mate.

It is an semi action pack story of a Dragon and a Dragon Breeder on the run. What any red blooded, horny and single-minded man does — seduces her into compliance. My only pet peeve was the first story, I’m all for a hot man in a kilt with a Scottish brogue, but ummm can we stop with the sterotypes, I’ve been to Scotland and talked with lots of Scots, they don’t all say “wee bonny lass”.

She insists Carla meet her colleague to discuss the story to get the details. It flowed so well. Oct 29, Frances rated it it was amazing.

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