Jain manuscript page, Kalpasutra, Mahavira in the Pushpottara heaven, ink, paint and gold on paper, Gujarat, late 15th and early 16th century. Museum Number. This copy of the Kalpa-sutra, a book of Paryushana rituals pursuing Swetambara sectarian line, was commissioned by the Jain Muni Kshemahansa Gani at. KALPA SUTRA (JAIN HOLY BOOK), Vadodara, India. likes · 4 talking about this. “KALPA SUTRA” IS JAIN HOLY BOOK.

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Thank you for your tutorial. Here Siddhartha explains that they foretell the birth of a great king or religious saviour. Both fathers of uain families were brothers. The book is read and illustrated in an eight day long festival of Paryushan by Jain monks for general people. Mahavira, ‘the Great Hero’, a contemporary of the Buddha was born in c. Jain texts Atomism Indian biographies.

However, it is the life of Lord Mahavira, which is a favourite among all Jains. Views Read Edit View history.

Kalpa Sūtra – Wikipedia

Of division,like, digamber,svetamber,and their sub division ,if u al can suggest that what are the way we can stop these division,and unite this religion once again. Physical description Part of a manuscript of the Kalpasutra consisting of 91 folios, numberedwith folio 3 missing and containing 38 illustrations. This Sutra contains detailed life histories and, from the midth century, was frequently illustrated with miniature painting.

The Kalpa sutraa religious Jain text deals primarily with the lives of the 24 Jinas the founders of Jainism, and ends with the birth and life klpasutra the historical Mahavira. After their death, Mahavira klapasutra up his comfortable life to become a wandering mendicant. Urge everyone to follow lalpasutra of non violence ,sacrifice and for welfare of others,thanks.


Adinath or RishabhDev and Neminath are two other Tirthankaras briefly mentioned in the text, with Adinath depicted in some of kalpasutea illustrations. The term Tattvartha is made of the Sanskrit words: The arrangement of Bhadrabahu’s book moves back in time. It was an attempt to bring together the different elements of the Jain Path, epistemologicalmetaphysical, cosmological, ethical and practical, otherwise unorganized around the scriptures in an unsystematic format.

The original text was written by Bhadrabahu Swami, who died in the year BCE the list of monks is not his work.

Unknown September 14, at The Kalpasutra is divided into three sections. Sunday, July 19, Kalpasutra Jainism. Only Monks can read this scriptures as in Jainism, this book has very high spiritual values. Back Print this record. The final chapter discusses liberation of the soul or the moksha.

Part of a series on. The oldest surviving copies are written on paper in western India in the 14th century. Fearing the baby had died, however, she was plunged into sorrow. An illuminated manuscript is a handwritten book that is embellished with brilliant inks and dyes – largely silver and gold. It contains detailed life histories with illustrations. Jaina Kalpasutra – A Visual Treat. Anonymous July 11, at 7: It makes it a far richer experience: Kalpasutra is kaplasutra to be read by only Jain saints Marasaheb and no one else.

This was the only caste that a Jinaa perfected religious leader could be born into. Great merit is attributed to hearing the Kalpasutra. Jain manuscript page, KalpasutraMahavira in the Pushpottara heaven, ink, paint and gold on paper, Gujarat, late 15th and early 16th century.

This is the day we display 14 dreams of mother Trishla. It is the first Jain text in sutra aphoristic form. According to A Dieter, the two manuscripts resemble in division of sections: Viewing your results Presenting your results Narrowing your results Sorting your results Individual object records. He told kalpasutra is to be read only by sadhu maharajsaheb and nobody else. Aristanemi, Parsvanatha, and Mahavira, and those of Rishabhanatha, the first of the 24 Tirthankaras. I do know that it has kalpaasutra translated in Gujarati and sold.


Uain each of the Christian saints is illustrated with their own symbols, the pictures of the Jains are accompanied by illustrations of their specific symbols”.

It has also been found that foreign authors have done translations of this pure sutras, which seem to be a little inappropriate.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Kalpa Sutra. Anyway take care and bye for now Heena.


Jaij is one of the most popular Jain texts to be illustrated and is still read aloud to the laity every year during the rainy season. Preeti July 20, at 1: Is it available online? This important Jaina canonical text is the oldest available on the life of the Tirthankaras. Jainism evolved from the spiritual ferment that took place in India during the sixth century BCE. Or are you looking for Search the Archives?


It has the largest number of commentaries in different Indian languages from the fifth century onward. The Kalpasutra is held in great honour especially by the Svetambara sect of Jainism.

Thank u all,for popularising jainsim ,i wanted u al to answer my question that,why we do paryusan,and is it right that jainism had turned into no.

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